"What do you mean?" Wu liangkui bounced out of bed and asked Qiu Zhen in rain or shine.
Chapter seventy-two A wise man is a wise man
Wu Liang and Xu Liang are both going to Jinlong Live this time. He is just an opponent to attack Jinlong Live and fall guy.
But I didn’t expect that from this Qiu Zhensheng’s words, he recognized that things seemed different from what he imagined.
Listen to that Qiu Zhen. He seems to know something.
Wu Liang did not dare to neglect and quickly asked Qiu Zhen, "What do you mean by saying this? Is this something behind your back?"
"No, no, no!" Qiu Zhen said with a smile, "This is not a trick. At most, we show Mr. Wu a strength. Now Mr. Wu has seen our ability. I believe you will not refuse to join our company again?"
"So it’s really you!" Wu Liang snapped and said
"We can’t blame this," Qiu Zhen suddenly restrained himself and said with a ferocious smile. "Before, we were very sincere in inviting Mr. Wu to join us, but you played us like monkeys. Our chairman was very unhappy and gave you a small punishment. Mr. Wu, I advise you to be a wise man, or you will really make our chairman angry. I’m afraid you can’t afford the consequences!"
Wu Liang remembered that when Qiu Zhen called him, he gave him a lot of cynicism and went back. At that time, he was immersed in the pleasure of teaching these blind entertainment companies. Where would he have thought that someone would retaliate by any means?
It seems that this summit entertainment boss is not a good thing just because he is invited to join us and fails to achieve his goal.
He was silent for a while and didn’t know how to answer this Qiu Zhen.
Strictly speaking, at that time, his attitude was indeed problematic and his mentality was very bad.
He was shut out again and again, and he felt too much injustice and resentment in his heart. Later, when these entertainment companies came to the door on their own initiative, he naturally vented these grievances and resentment. At that time, he was concerned about the satisfaction and enmity, and he never thought that others would settle accounts after the autumn.
Now he’s been shut out of Qiu Zhen’s house, and Qiu Zhen’s been trampled on here. The two of them either laugh and die or live and die together from now on.
Obviously, Qiu Zhen chose the latter. Although he still insisted on inviting Wu Liang to join Summit Entertainment, Wu Liangbai was forced to join the company by such coercion. Waiting for him is definitely not a good result. It must be some overlord treaties that are so harsh that people are worse than death.
Hmm, so you can threaten me?
Wu Liang’s eyebrows screwed tightly into a Sichuan word, took a deep breath and asked Qiu Zhen, "What do you want?"
When he didn’t know the enemy before, he was quite flustered. After all, the unknown was terrible, but when he knew who was behind it, his heart calmed down and he wanted the other party to ask for something from him, so he was not afraid of the other party’s dead hand.
Qiu Zhen was obviously immersed in the pleasure of revenge success. He heard Wu Liang’s question. Ha ha smiled two times and said triumphantly, "I have already said that if you are willing to join our Summit Entertainment, then we will be one of our own. You have also seen the strength of our company. I believe you are very white. If you want to join us, it will be even more powerful. We will certainly be able to do something great together!"
"Great things? Hehe, "Wu Liang sneered." You want to do big things with these dirty means. Your big thing is your girlfriend. Do what you want? "
Qiu Zhen was suddenly ridiculed by him for a few words. He immediately flew into a rage and grabbed the words and shouted angrily, "Don’t be shameless, smelly boy. I tell you that if you don’t agree to join Summit Entertainment, your ban will not be lifted for a generation. Do you believe it?"
"Don’t believe it!" Wu Liang very honest and frank replied.
Qiu Zhen "…"
This kid doesn’t play by the rules! At this time, shouldn’t he be very angry, then make a big fight with himself, and finally be suppressed by moving out of the tough background by himself, and finally swallow it and join his company to accept his own squeeze? Who gave him the confidence to say "don’t believe"?
Qiu Zhen’s teeth are itchy with anger, and his hand can’t help but tremble. "Well, I’ll see how long you can last if you have the guts. Let’s ride the donkey and watch the singer!"
"Then we’ll see if the chairman of your company can really dominate the world!" Wu Liang is also full of anger and words. You’re welcome. A villain like this is too lazy to make a pretence.
Hang up the phone, Wu Liang quickly dialed the Xu Liang number of Jinlong Live, and Xu Liang answered it. Soon, almost the words were connected as soon as they rang.
"Hello, Mr. Wu. What can I do for you?" He sounded worried, obviously worried about something good.
Wu Liang asked him directly, "Do you know about that peak entertainment?"
"Summit Entertainment?" Xu Liang wondered why Wu Liang would ask this company, but he still told the truth, "I know that the background of this company is very hard and the hands and feet are not very clean. Why?"
Wu Liang said with a cold face, "They called me just now and admitted that this incident was behind them."
"What?" Xu Liang was shocked and hurriedly asked, "Are you sure that the peak entertainer called you?"
"Yes," Wu Liang replied, "it’s their general manager Qiu Zhen. You should know that, right?"
"Qiu Zhen? I know, "Xu Liangyin soon calmed down. It seems that he is already white. This incident is not directed at them. He put a big stone in his heart.
"But what does Summit Entertainment have against you? Why do they want to deal with you so hard?" After confirming that his company is not in danger, Xu Liang is worried about Wu Lianglai. After all, Wu Liangxian is a signboard of Jinlong Live Broadcasting. If he falls, it will be a huge blow to Jinlong Live Broadcasting Platform.
Wu Liangnai replied to him calmly, "They invited me to join Summit Entertainment before, but I refused. They thought I would teach me a lesson if I didn’t give face to face."
"…" Xu Liang after hearing these words rao is he informed and don’t know what to say.
Just because people don’t want to join your company, you have to use the power of Guangju to kill them?
When did such a overbearing company come out of the entertainment circle?
Xu Liang, Summit Entertainment, has heard of it, but it has always been said that this company has some problems in the background, and almost never shows up. Every time, Qiu Zhen, their general manager, comes out to entertain and negotiate, and it is said that this company has no bottom line in doing things. If it wants to make money, it can be made by any means.
The first two companies have never been in contact with each other, and he thinks it’s hearsay. But this time, from Wu Liangshen, he finally saw where this is an entertainment company. It’s simply a bandit in hell!
But now that the other party has shown up, it’s easier to do things behind it. It’s not just the backstage competition between the two companies. Now he needs to tell the whole story, and he will naturally find a way to solve it.
So he comforted Wu Liang in turn, saying, "Don’t worry, since the other party has appeared, everything will be simple. Don’t worry, I will inform you as soon as possible to solve this matter, just wait for the news."
"That’s trouble Xu supervisor" Wu Liang said politely.
As we all know, since Summit Entertainment has emerged, the next thing is to see which of the two companies is hard in the background. He, a nobody, can’t control the war at all now.
After calling Xu Liang, Wu Liang informed the news to Lu Xiaoyun, a music listening network, which is also a big company. I believe that if they are willing to help, they will be more confident in defeating Summit Entertainment.
After all the things that can be done, Wu Liangcai felt tired and fell to the bed again.
But my eyes haven’t come yet, but the words rang again.
This time, I picked it up and saw that it was an acquaintance. He broadcasted the house management "Your Majesty"
Wu Liang answered the phone in surprise and asked at the other end, "Hello, Queen, what do you want to see me about?"
Because the queen usually helps Wu Liang to manage the live broadcast station, Wu Liang gave her the phone number, and she could inform herself immediately if anything happened, but he didn’t know why the queen was calling at this time.
Listening to the queen’s adult, she asked with a hint of sensibility in her unique maturity, "Hey, what happened when the anchor heard that your live broadcast was blocked?"
Wu Liang felt a warm current in his heart. At this time, it was the happiest thing in the world to get a friend’s heart. So he raised his mouth slightly and said softly, "Nothing is just that one or two little people don’t like me, and it will soon solve your problem."
"Really?" The queen’s adult track asked.
"Yes, it’s some small things." Wu Liang tried to sound confident. "And Jinlong Live will help solve it. Don’t you even believe them?"
Hearing Wu Liang say this, the Queen finally breathed a sigh of relief, but she still didn’t feel very safe, so she said to Wu Liang, "Well, let’s build a group full of your old audiences. Why don’t you join us first? If there is any problem, let’s discuss how easy it is to do it with one person. Maybe everyone can work together to solve the problem soon."
Wu Liang was the first time to hear about building a group and suddenly asked in surprise, "Are you building my fan base?"
"Yes," replied the Queen. "Everyone was worried when they heard that your live broadcast was going to be seized, so we set up a group of old viewers to facilitate contact and help you make suggestions. Now that you join in, everyone can make things clear face to face."
Wu Liang won’t refuse this kind of thing, of course, so he asked the queen’s adult number and quickly logged into the chat software to join the group.
As soon as I showed up, I saw an ID named "Unhappy Meat" and shouted excitedly, "Wow, the anchor is here. Come on, come on, everyone, come and watch. There is a live anchor here!"
Wu Liang "…"
Chapter seventy-three Noble people
Wu Lianggang was caught by the old friends in the group as soon as he appeared.
Hu Hu was the first to bubble. The anchor heard that you were arrested for being involved in pornography? (smirk)