Yang Xiu also through the cloud yarn, light eyed out of the dust pavilion this line of people, listening to others constantly exclaim in a low voice the names of this group of monks.
"Shiqin! Chuchen Pavilion actually sent Shiqin! " A monk with a black cover gave a long sigh and muttered, the tone is amazing or sad!
"Shiqin? She walked out of the closed disciple accepted by Xia Wanqiu, the owner of the Dust Pavilion. It really lives up to its reputation. Just looking at the exposed aura, you can know that its magical power is not trivial. "
"But these factions send people who dare not fight or touch, but how can we live! At first there was a Chen, and now there’s another Shi Qin. I wonder if anyone else will come! "
There was also a commotion among other monks, and several monks in the magic way even talked aloud without taboo.
Yang Xiu after listen to, in the heart also can’t help a fiercely, look at the monks together, these people face is gloomy.
Indeed, the monks who come here are basically going to face the battle of life and death.
If you meet monks with deep backgrounds like Chen Zai and Shi Qin, how can you fight? How to also have to consider the forces behind the two people, this kind of big faction of anger, is not the average person can withstand!
Just when everyone was worried, suddenly Zheng in his heart raised his head and looked at the sky.
I saw a flying boat carved with colorful flowers over 1000 meters, firmly stopping between the clouds.
The flying boat is carved with jade fences and colorful suspenders, and a rainbow-like light curtain is covered outside, with a group of more than a dozen men and women carrying it.
"ivory tower, colorful boat!" Yang Xiu didn’t have to think about it, so he knew the people who came. After all, there is such a cloud boat in the friar world, and this is the only one! Outsiders just want to pretend to be, and they don’t have the capital!
There are five monks and five women coming down from Sangyata. Net is a good person.
The men are handsome and handsome, but there is a faint evil in their eyes.
The women are plump and hot, enchanting and charming, like a lady. However, their every move, smile seems to be full of provocative appearance, so that the monks watching can not help but swing. Quite a bit emotional.
The ivory tower was led by a man and a woman, and Yang Xiu heard that monks around him had already revealed their names. The man’s name is Ouyang Bowen, and the woman’s name is Wu Sunlin Chopsticks. They are a double-cultivation couple, and their magical powers are not weak.
Ouyang Bowen smiled when he saw Shi Qin. Gentle way: "Teacher Fairy is still gorgeous. I didn’t expect you to come out in person this time. Senior Xia is not afraid of anything happening to you!"
But Shi Qin didn’t give each other face. Without looking at it, he turned to leave, and there was no answer at all.
Ouyang Bowen didn’t seem to be annoyed when he saw this. Facing the back of Shi Qin’s departure, he still said slowly, "If Shi Xianren is wronged by saving the fairy house under the sea, you can always come to me, but I, Ouyang, am a person who cherishes passion and cherishes jade."
Say that finish also don’t wait for each other to answer, with the ivory tower monk, went directly to a group of monks.
Hitman, the second watch, ask for support.)

Chapter two hundred and fifty-five An Jiajia
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and fifty-five An Jiajia
Ji Chuanjia came back from patrolling outside the border, and after teasing with several other disciples, she walked towards her training room.
Since she was introduced by Yang Xiu in those years and successfully joined Nanling School, with her five-product spirit root qualification. After so many years of hard training, I have successfully laid the foundation and reached the advanced level in dzogchen in the early days of laying the foundation. And it is about to break through to the middle of the foundation.
With her teenage years, she started to practice, which is very fast.
Over the years, she has already taken off her immaturity and become mature and plump, and many families have sent people to contact her. Deliberately let her marry into it.
It’s just that she is not satisfied with marrying the monks in this family who rely on Dan medicine to pile up the foundation period, which will affect her future cultivation progress. Then I have to be a person who dedicated the rest of my life to my family.
She wants to practice until the knot Dan period, the baby period, and even the fit period. In the future, she doesn’t want to let those rules and regulations restrain herself, but she will restrain others.
It was only after she personally realized the difficulty of cultivating truth that she really understood that cultivation sometimes can’t be successful by hard work alone.
Although her five-product Linggen qualification is good. However, since we entered the foundation period, we have lost the hearty cultivation during the Qi training period and become sluggish.
For example, these times I tried to break through the initial stage of foundation and enter the middle stage of foundation, but every time I was a little short, so I didn’t succeed and beat her back to the prototype.
She thought, if there is Dan medicine, with her advanced now, it is definitely not what to break through.
However, over the years, Lingshi was used by her to buy a magic weapon for self-defense because of its fighting with the sword door.
So that the price of this kind of Dan medicine made her flinch.
I had to work hard to earn Lingshi by doing the mission of sect release.
However, it has delayed the practice, which is nothing to be done as a monk without power.
Over the years, she also heard a lot about the monk who introduced her to the door. I didn’t expect the other person to be a disciple of Tianxuan’s great-grandfather. When she heard it for the first time, it was very shocking!