A magic mountain flies in the air, smashing several towering swords, and finally suppressing the white.
The banner in white hands danced. At the beginning, there was a wild smell. In the banner, there was a wild animal soul, and there was a loud roar.
A black dragon flew out from the banner, bared its teeth, swallowed mountains and rivers, and the magic flame surged, devouring the magic mountain turned into bricks.
The tail end of the black dragon was wrapped around the flag and waved by white. The black dragon is like a real dragon in the world, with black scales in its eyes, mouth and even its body risking a steaming black flame.
An ancient magic mountain, a wild black dragon, fought fiercely in the air, rolling out the magic gas. The black dragon was smoking, and a large area of magic gas enveloped the brick.
Zhuge shook the chain before dawn, and vigorously talked about the Taikoo Magic Mountain. At the same time, he was shocked and looked at Bai Yu in astonishment.
At the moment of white, no longer like the previous white dust, the whole people like into a statue of the devil, ink flying, body magic gas surge, it’s like the devil in the world.
"What the hell is this white?" Zhuge didn’t light surprised thought, if just fighting, white is undoubtedly the use of Tianchi spell, but at the moment, white is like a different person, the whole people possessed, very different from the previous momentum.
"This white feather must have a big chance. What he uses is not the magical power of Tianchi at all." Zhuge thought in his dark heart, and he became wary.
At the moment, white is possessed by the bodhi old zu, waving the banner in his hand. At this moment, the banner in his hand becomes perfect black, shrouded by a magic gas, and a magic face appears faintly on the flag surface, which can’t see clearly, but it gives people a sense of deterrence.
"Tianpin magic weapon!" Zhuge suddenly lost his voice when he was not bright. This is a magic weapon that has not been sealed at all. Compared with Blackpool’s sealed ancient magic spectrum, it is not a class at all.
"To deal with a monk who was a baby, I also used the magic weapon of heaven. It seems that this white feather is determined to kill me." Zhuge thought bitterly when he was not bright.
Chapter 364 Demonbane
Chapter 373 Demonbane
The white magic is mighty, and the magic flag in the hand dances heaven and earth, and the dark clouds cover the sky.
This banner in the hands of white is indeed a magic weapon of different grades, and it is also a magic weapon left by the bodhi old zu in the original magic way, named Luanmo Zan. It was taken away by the founder of Tianchi and has been sealed in Tianchi. Later, Bai Yu succeeded in breaking through the deification period before unlocking the seal of this magic weapon.
"Top-grade magic weapon!" Zhuge flashed a rare light when he was not bright. White is the master of the deification period, and the gap in the realm is insurmountable. Plus, it is even more powerful.
"This grandchild has learned how to beat his parents …" Zhuge didn’t dare to be careless when he was not bright, and his body was purple and transpiration, and he rushed to the white.
The Taikoo Magic Mountain, which was turned into a brick, was in his hands, fighting against the dragon soul flying out of the chaos.
With a roar, the dragon soul swooped down, bared its teeth and pounced on Zhuge Liang, coming with a rolling magic gas.
"Beidou is a demon!" Zhuge drank before dawn, and the seven stars on his head rose into the sky, and each large star spewed out a starlight, like seven purple real dragonflies, with a mighty momentum.
This is the first secret avatar that Zhuge realized after he opened the door of life and death. Seven purple brilliance resounded the dragon soul in the chaos.
With a miserable roar, the dragon soul’s black gas was scattered, and its shape became much weaker.
Enwrapped with a snort of cold, a wave of his hand, the chaotic magic banner summoned the dragon soul back. The chaotic magic banners are displayed in the wind, pointing to Zhuge’s failure to shine, and the boundless magic gas turns into thousands of spears, piercing the void, and * * * the space around Zhuge’s failure to shine.
The gold chain "Hua" rang, and the magic mountain flew out in a mighty way, which also rippled with magic gas. There seems to be a wild dragon dormant in the magic mountain, which has scattered the flying spears.
The chaotic magic banners shook, and the magic gas condensed into a big hand, which returned the magic mountain beat turned into bricks. The big black palm fell and flew to Zhuge.
The purple electricity flashed, and Zhuge did not light up, and he had already withdrawn from the distance of thousands of meters, looking at white with a dignified face. Seriously, he really feels the horror of the deification period now, even if he relies on the Seven Stars Treasure Body and Gu Wu Upanishads, he can’t easily overcome it. After all, the more backward you are, the greater the gap will be.
Bai Yu shook the magic banner and sneered, "Zhuge Liang is not bright, so I’ll kill you like a dog!"
After that, the chaotic magic banners shook again, sweeping out endless magic gas.
"set!" Zhuge does not highlight the white, but displays the body-fixing technique. However, the immobilization technique was attached to the white body, which only made his body slightly shake and become invisible.
Zhuge didn’t smile, and the "fixing technique" was aimed at people whose realm was higher than his own, which was simply a chicken rib.
"I will take your life today!" White black hair flying, shrouded by magic gas, like the devil in the world.
Zhuge turned into purple lightning again when he didn’t light up.
White still sweeps out a series of magic gas bombs to Zhuge, who can’t compete with Zhuge’s lack of light and can only use speed to avoid it.
"Killing you is like running over an ant." White face crazy state.
"Ha, ha, ha, Bai Yu, why are you fierce? When I break through the deification period one day, I will kill you ten times with one hand!" Zhuge did not light up and laughed aloud.
"You don’t have this chance!" White drink a way, chaos complications a shake, vanity is * * *, the mighty magic gas surging, even in the distance and semi-god period of fighting and son, monkeys and Zhuge Ming are shrouded.
A few people exclaim, quickly retreat, face the color of surprise.
Zhuge did not light up and turned into lightning, galloping in mid-air.
"Can you hide?" White step vanity a quiver, shake * * * magic complications, a magic shadow enveloped him.
"Beidou is a demon!" Zhuge Liang tried his best to inspire seven big stars to sweep out seven purple lights and bomb the purple moon.