Wei Zhongdao immediately got a layer of goose bumps and said that it was really eunuch Wang Yun who introduced him, "This is Feng Bin’s father-in-law, and this is Feng Guo’s father-in-law. They are two fathers-in-law in the imperial palace, and this is my nephew Wei Zhongdao."
Wei Zhongdao is even more strange. The size of the palace is yellow, and the palace is big. What are they doing when they are not in the palace? Wang Yun saw his doubts and explained, "The two fathers-in-law offended Dong Zhuo and almost died at the hands of Dong thief. I rescued them and let them live here secretly."
Feng Bin and Feng Guo were so angry that they suddenly twisted Feng Bin and jumped up and shouted, "That traitor and cudgel couldn’t wait to skin him and drink his blood!" Feng Guo is more than 30 years old and actually rolled around the ground. "Thief, thief, what bad things did he do in the palace?" He is the bastard in Princess Anyang’s belly! "
Wei Zhongdao was stunned and said that the eunuch was a eunuch, but Wang Yun was used to the strange behavior of the two eunuchs. "The two fathers-in-law are calm and calm, and Wang Yun is determined to repeat the country. I can’t wait to eat Dong thief’s flesh and sleep Dong thief’s skin. When Dong thief bunches his head, the two fathers-in-law can also report their great hatred."
Feng Bin and Feng Guo were just crying. "Stuart’s adult, don’t worry, we will expose Dong’s thief’s great sin of deceiving you as instructed by adults at that time …" Feng Bin and Feng Guo seemed intoxicated. "We can go back to the palace to serve the marquis again."
"Zhong ‘er, let’s go into the house." Yun3 took Wei Zhongdao into the house. Feng Bin and Feng twisted their butts with this house. Although it is not large in area, it is not luxurious, but it can be decorated very elegantly with an antique temperament. It seems to be a female housing.
After their respective seats, Wang Yunxian introduced Wei Zhongdao to Feng Bin and Feng Guo, and when they heard that Dong Zhuo had Feng Bin and Feng Guo, they jumped up and shouted at Wang Yun. When they had finished venting, they said, "Allow Dong thief’s resentment is that Dong thief deceives the emperor and harms the people and humiliates the intellectuals, but he has to design it. In addition to this, let’s say it first."
Wang Yun stared at Wei Zhongdao. "Zhong Er, do you know why I won’t let you Cai Wenji break off your engagement?"
Wei Zhongdao shook his head. "My nephew didn’t know to ask my uncle for advice."
"Because of Cai Wenji’s father Cai Yong" Wang Yun waved his hand to stop Wei Zhongdao and the eunuch brother Feng from questioning and continued, "I think that Dong thief has been under house arrest since he returned to Beijing. It is not that he is kind to the country, but that he has bought people’s hearts."
"He came to buy people’s hearts!" Wei Zhongdao said indignantly, "If he is really a country, how can he collect Luoyang land and hand it over to those mud legs?" My third uncle and other good people were also planted and framed by him, and his death was not far away. "Feng eunuchs and brothers echoed at the same time and poured out their bitterness to expose Dong Zhuo’s evil deeds in the palace."
Wei Zhongdao suddenly had a flash in his mind that Dong Zhuo didn’t pretend to be like that until he saw that bitch Moon Hee. Did Dong Zhuo pretend to be that bitch? Wei Zhongdao was so busy that he guessed himself. Brother Feng eunuch shouted, "Yes, that thief Dong is a lecher!"
Wang Yun also nodded and said, "If this is the case, it would be great if Cai Yong had an excellent reputation in the Confucian scholars, but Dong Thief had a good time with him. He would rather die than speak ill of Dong Thief. If Dong Thief is strong on that bitch, Cai Yong will be forced to our side. Cai Yong will respond in the Shilin, and the Confucian scholars will respond. At that time, the thief department of Dong will also be divided and we will have an opportunity."
Wei Zhongdao’s face would be a little bit. Anyway, Cai Wenji is his fiancee. If it’s really Dong thief … That’s not his shame. Wang Yun sees his mind. "Uncle Zhong Er knows that you are difficult, but think about it. If that bitch of yours breaks off, she can marry Dong thief. If you don’t break off with her now, she won’t be killed by you after the future events are decided?"
Wei Zhongdao was silent for a long time and finally said cruelly, "I will marry her in the future, but after marrying her, I won’t let her share the same room and keep her alive!" Tell me, uncle, what should we do to Dong thief? "
Wang Yun is very satisfied with the nephew’s toxic behavior. This is just like a man. "Good. Then Dong Thief will hold the First Military Commander’s Conference and the Scholar’s Cultural Meeting soon, which is our opportunity. Two fathers-in-law please write down the evil deeds committed by Dong Thief in the palace. It’s best to list the physical evidence of witnesses. Zhong Er, you copy the two fathers-in-law’s writings in multiple copies and then go to the cultural meetings of Luoyang’s governments and academies to show these distributions to the scholars. Will they not broadcast them as soon as they see them? Isn’t he trying to buy off people’s hearts? I want to see him buy off again? "
"Tian Shilin bears a grudge against Dong thief" asked Wei Zhongdao puzzled. "But Dong thief bought those mud legs? Now those mud legs are grateful to Dong thief. I heard that mud legs have given him a longevity card. What’s the point of doing this? "
Yun3 sneer at "those mud legs grateful? Can they read? Can they write down Dong thief’s so-called merits? The pen is in the hands of scholars. Besides, Dong thief is also a blessing in Luoyang area. Compared with Kyushu, it can affect the people or our literati. "
Wei Zhongdao was overjoyed. "Great, it’s not that my nephew boasted that this sign of great talent still affects two fathers-in-law in Shilin. Please write it quickly. I’ll go."
After ten times of constant attendance, the eunuch brother Feng is not as simple as Wei Zhongdao. Feng Guo’s eyes have a glance at Wang Yun. "I wonder if Stuart’s adult shoulders the responsibility?" Cudgel or help a thing or two "Feng Guoxin said that your old man should not want to beat others in front of you to pick up cheap ideas? We learned these things when we were two brothers.
Wang Yun cursed the treacherous faces of two castrated foxes in his heart, but laughed. "The two fathers-in-law don’t forget that the military commanders’ meeting promised to have a good military name. At that time, it will be allowed to hold a banquet at home for all the military commanders to provoke the military commander Dong thief. If it goes well, the military commander suddenly turned against the military commander’s meeting and besieged Dong thief. Even if the three surname slaves Lu Bu were no matter how high, it would be difficult to save Dong thief’s life."
Brother Feng eunuch thought for a long time before saying, "It’s best to write about Dong thief’s evil deeds."
Wang Yunchao waved to Wei Zhongdao, "Zhong Er, go and help the two uncles to have a rest when they are tired."
Wei Zhongdao didn’t want to be in the same room with eunuchs, but my uncle said, and he noticed that there was a man sitting behind the screen. He knew that it must be my aunt’s mouth who often scolded the fox and dared not go out with his eunuch brother Feng.
Wang Yun waited for the people in the room before sleeping on the couch and said, "Come out, cicada."
The Story Of Diu Sim gently moved the lotus step from behind the screen to Wang Yun’s side and gently gave Wang Yun a massage. Wang Yun’s favorite thing was to enjoy the massage in The Story Of Diu Sim. At the same time, his skinny hands wandered around The Story Of Diu Sim’s exquisite body for a long time. Wang Yuncai said, "Cicada hasn’t gone out for a few days?"
The Story Of Diu Sim said softly, "It is the Lantern Festival when adults go out for cicadas."
Wang Yun was a little unhappy and said that you remember it clearly, but Wang Yun still said, "Oh, it’s been half a year. Go out and buy some women’s things and stay at home all the time, but remember to be careful. Luoyang is also uneasy now."
The Story Of Diu Sim respectfully replied, "Cicada knows."
Yun3 has * * burned us at the moment and pulled The Story Of Diu Sim into her arms and then pressed her to her body …
Chapter 17 Fate meets (1)
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Wang Yungang put The Story Of Diu Sim under pressure and The Story Of Diu Sim struggled desperately, saying, "My Lord, I can’t."
Yun3 Yin laughed. "Before cicada, you always said that you were underage. Didn’t you turn sixteen yesterday? Why don’t you wait on the old lady? " (PS Wolf grinned …)
The Story Of Diu Sim’s clothes have been torn to pieces, and he cried, "My Lord, I can’t do it today. The cicada will come … that."
Hearing this, Wang Yun pushed The Story Of Diu Sim up and said, "Well, God allows you to go out for two hours. I’ll give you * * at night. Don’t push it again."
Wang Yun went out and went to The Story Of Diu Sim, still half lying on the ground, sobbing. She was poor at home since childhood, and even her parents didn’t know her age, so she was sold as a slave. I don’t know if it was lucky or unfortunate. When she was eleven or two years old, she showed a beautiful prototype. The original intention of the owner to covet her several times was cleverly hidden by her, but it was also in jeopardy. Later, once she met Wang Yun in the street, Wang Yun surprised people and immediately found her original home to buy her. As a result, the original owner was reluctant to sell, of course, and the family was
Wang Yun is very kind to her, teaching her to read and write, playing chess, playing chess and painting. She built this piano and incense pavilion for her to live in, but The Story Of Diu Sim White is just a canary in a golden cage. No men are allowed to talk. It is very good to go out casually. It is difficult to go out for fun. You must wear a veil. You can’t let others see her appearance. This year, Wang Yun gradually reveals his true colors and tries to possess her again and again. She can’t push it away or hide it. She also can’t excuse her age. The novel will be dedicated to Wang Yun when she turns 16.
The Story Of Diu Sim spent the night sleeping in tears …
Luoyang City couldn’t sleep that night. The Story Of Diu Sim spent the night alone with his eyes open. During the day, Kang Peng taught Cai Wenji to learn simplified characters. Cai Wenji was a talented woman of the day. She learned nearly 100 simplified characters and could read and write, which scared Kang Peng to make an excuse to deal with official documents and stop it. What excuse does he have to stay in the same room with the beautiful woman if the beautiful woman takes out all the ink in his stomach? But Kang Peng didn’t know that Cai Wenji’s impression of him had completely changed. He taught simplified Chinese characters. In modern times, it seems that it is both easy to learn and easy to write compared with ancient Chinese. Cai Wenji has a faint feeling in his heart that this old ugly genius may still be in his father’s school.
At noon, Cai Yong crustily skin of head to pick up her daughter. She euphemistically assured Kang Peng and Cai Wenji that she would no longer force her daughter to leave Luoyang and allowed her daughter to study in Dongfu every day, but she had to go home after studying.