Hao Zifeng hurriedly interface. "Then you let me go. When I am successful in cultivation. I will get revenge on you. "
Haikui seems to have heard a very funny joke. Laughed twice. "Are you really him? It’s a donkey under the slope. Monty flag. Let him see the scene of Hao’s purgatory. "
Haikui commanded. The monty flag casts a spell on Hao Zifeng. Hao Zifeng saw a scene with heaven and earth as the furnace. His familiar Hao family manor and Hao family are burning alive in it. The scene of Hao’s family being burned alive. The scene was terrible. Screaming is like scraping skin, screaming in pain.
Hao Zifeng’s eyes are infinitely dilated. Soak through. Sweat is dripping down. Wait until the monty flag closes the scene. Hao Zifeng screamed. "Let me go. I’ll give you whatever you want. I am willing to be one of your dogs. "
"Causal cycle. Hao Zifeng. If I had known today, why should I have? You make things difficult for Yunjia everywhere. And hurt my friend. And how many women have you ruined. If I only kill you, Your Hao family will definitely seek revenge from me. Keep killing. Waiting to be killed. Why don’t I clean up your family? Now that you said it. I’m welcome. " Haikui said, feeling excited. An air of tyranny suddenly rose. "I’ll let you taste what it’s like to lick your skin and train your soul today."
Haikui hung an evil smile on her mouth. Even he didn’t pay attention. But the monty flag wobbled. More and faster chapters, please go to. Monty was smiling behind Haikui. There was a flash of red light in his eyes.
Haikui squeezed it hard. Hao Zifeng can’t breathe. I want to shout but I can’t. Eyes suddenly bug out. I had a few convulsions. Haikui glanced at the man behind him. "Take him as a flesh."
Monty flag. "All right."
Haikui. "It’s a pity that my body. But fortunately, it was broken. Or more losses. Hey. These two guys’ penises are all ground. There are 8 thousand women who have fucked, not 10 thousand. It’ s uncomfortable to think about it. "
Haikui, try again. Hao Zifeng kicked his legs twice. Completely out of breath. Haikui reached into Hao Zifeng’s abdomen. He pulled out an elixir. Open your mouth and swallow. Stretching out his hand on the pulse gate of Hao Zifeng. The first time to update the condensed real yuan grabbed the tendons on his body and pulled it out. Hao Zifeng’s muscles were all pulled out. "It’s just a magic weapon to deal with the soul."
Refining a whip with human tendons will make the soul feel pain.
Haikui originally wanted to skin Hao Zifeng alive and beat his tendons. But he finally suppressed his sense of tyranny. Killing Hao Zifeng first reduced his pain before he died.
The most painful thing for people is to skin and cramp alive and die.
Hao Zifeng’s soul has been swept away by Monty Flag for refining. Haikui turned to look at the man on the bed.
The man on the bed has been scared silly. See Haikui. Look at him. Trembling with fear. Kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy. "Predecessors forgive. Daxian forgives. The great god forgives. "
Haikui shook his palm. The blood on my hands disappeared. Look at the man in front of me.
The man is twenty-seven or eight years old. It is 1.8 meters tall. The appearance is also a handsome one. Fat and thin are suitable. It’s really a good skin.
"What’s your name?" Haikui looked down at him. There is an air of arrogance.
"My name is. No. The little one is called Ye Sheng. " The man answered quickly. A pair of eyes looking forward to looking at Haikui. I hope he spared his life.
"Ye Sheng. That’s not a bad name Like an ancient romantic bookworm. " Haikui said to him.
A nerd is romantic. I think so.
"If you think my name is not good. I’ll change it right away. Look at Zhang Sanxing. If I can’t, I’ll call Li Si. " Ye Sheng immediately said with a look of indignation.
The name "Zhang San Li Si" is too famous. Not suitable. It is not as good as Ye Sheng’s low-key luxury. " Haikui laughed.
Ye Sheng smiled when he saw Haikui. Thought he was going to spare himself. Hurriedly kowtow. "Thank predecessors to forgive. Xie Daxian forgave me. Thank God for forgiving me. "
Haikui slightly tilted his head. "When did I say I would spare your life?"
Ye Sheng immediately gave a cry. His face collapsed. "Predecessors just said that Ye Sheng is inferior to low-key with luxury. I thought I was going to leave this name. That’s not to leave a small life. "
"Hey. Your perception is really strong. " Haikuiqi said, "But you only got half the answer right."
Ye Sheng desperately wants to save his life. "Daxian, what did I not answer correctly?"
"I want to leave your name. And I want to keep you alive. But this leaf is not the other leaf. From now on you are not you. " Haikui looked at him and said seriously.
"Why?" Ye sheng’s eyes are confused.
Haikui smiled. Suddenly disappear. Ye Sheng suddenly closed his eyes. When I open my eyes again, I look with a smile and melancholy.
"Find a secret place to refine the flesh as soon as possible. Find a way to heal. " The monty flag caught Ye Sheng’s soul into the monty flag and said to Haikui.
Ye Sheng’s body stood up. Luo woman who fainted on the ground and the woman who just came out of the bathroom were also stunned.
Chapter 297 They are all cheap.
When Ye Sheng raised her hand, the two women each wrapped in a white blanket and disappeared. They were sent to the lobby on the first floor of the hotel by Hai Kui, and then they were sent to the hospital by their own onlookers.
He didn’t erase their memories and let them learn a lesson. Even if they were frightened, it would be better than not cherishing themselves in the future.
Hai Kui is not used to Ye Sheng’s body yet, and his movement to stand up is slightly stiff. He was just about to leave when the glass in this room broke with a bang, and a sword light shot in, followed by a person.
This man is also 2089 years old, and he looks handsome just like Xu Changqing, the big disciple in the TV series "The Sword and the Chivalrous Man". Where he stands, he is straight and tense, so to speak, he is chivalrous, or he is pretending to be B,
He pointed to Haikui. "You are not a good person when I look at you. You can feel a heavy rage when you are far away. As soon as you came in, you saw a tragic scene."
At this time, Hao Zifeng’s body was lying there, covered with blood, and there was a lot of blood on the ground.
Haikui’s body is still naked before he can put on his clothes. This picture looks very strange. Two men are naked, one is lying there covered in blood, and the other is standing there. In front of the broken window, there is a handsome and chivalrous man.