Zhangfan will hand area, spirit sword stopped in the forward, this just look into the direction of the Song Shuangshuang and GuiHaiLin.
I saw that in the present array of ten thousand volts, although returning to the sea for the time being has nothing to do, but under the onslaught of Song Shuangshuang, some of them are dwarfed, especially now Song Shuangshuang doesn’t have to control the law, but he has made room for his hands and feet to concentrate on controlling the multiplier.
"Sister, let me give you a hand." Make a light drink, and the spirit sword of Ebony, which has not been recovered, has turned to the sea.
In the world of cultivating immortals, there is no such thing as fighting alone. Whoever is powerful will be honored! And if you can’t beat it, you will often run away, and you won’t be ashamed! Unless it’s a fight, call it a day.
Although it looks strong, Zhangfan is sure that if Moon Lun is used, it can break its defense with a few breaths. But Zhangfan didn’t do it. After all, when he returned to the sea, he was completely at a disadvantage, and it was only a matter of time before he lost. Using Yuelun is not only very spiritual, but also as one’s own brake mace, the less people know, the better.
And all he needs to do is contain.
Once, the auxiliary Song Shuangshuang attack is enough.
From beginning to end, Wan Changjiang didn’t exert any strength, so he secretly sighed, and the more he longed for the strength of high strength!
Song Shuangshuang glanced at Zhangfan in the giant fight. He saw clearly the killing in Wan Fu array. Unexpectedly, the younger brother who met at the beginning was more amazing, and a sword was even more powerful. However, this idea was just a turn, and Song Shuangshuang withdrew his mind and concentrated on fighting with the sea.
Thought of here, Zhangfan thought a change, the spirit sword has been under the control of its gods near the sea, but Zhangfan was not in a hurry to attack, but the spirit sword stagnated on the other side of the head, and then hit the law to move the thunder in the sky, in the Leiling Cave, he had already completed the practice of the second floor of the thunder in the sky, and the twelve thunder in the sky was under his control, which was more powerful.
And before Zhangfan practiced the spirit tactic and the thousand-wire thunder, although these things have no direct connection with the righteous thunder, the more he practiced the same skill, the more he understood the righteous thunder. At this time, Zhangfan’s Leifa has become more sharp, and it looks peaceful from the outside, which is really explosive in the instant of contact.
On the other hand, when he returned to the sea, he turned the golden lotus into dozens of flowers from time to time, and from time to time, under the control of the spirit tactic, he folded it together. In addition, he waved his hands and directed a gear-shaped gold-plated instrument to touch the green bamboo sword of Song Shuangshuang. Suddenly, the vast spiritual force scattered by the collision of three instruments struck Zhangfan from time to time. Although Zhangfan was not very hard, Wan Changjiang, who was standing not far away, could not stand those huge spiritual pressures.
Fan Xian, Song Shuangshuang from beginning to end, however, controlled a bamboo-colored sword, but the power of that instrument was not under the golden lotus of life’s core monuments’s instrument, which returned to the sea.
Zhangfan used to know that Song Shuangshuang majored in array law, but he didn’t expect his fighting ability to be as strong!
While fighting in the sea, I looked at the spirit sword that stagnated overhead from time to time. I don’t know when the other party will suddenly strike down the spirit sword. If at ordinary times, even if the other party holds the spirit sword, it is not enough to be afraid, but at this time, not only is it being pestered by the same monk as myself, but it is also inseparable from the other party’s law, and the fire even killed four friends, which greatly increased the strength of the other party.
Thought of here, return to the sea suddenly in the mind a tight!
However, the idea of returning to the sea only ends here, and Zhangfan’s twelve spiritual thunders have come with a purple thunder.
In a hurry, I spit out a lux bead when I returned to the sea, and went to meet Zhangfan’s Linglei with a large area of inflammation!
1 of "bang", the bead has collided with Linglei. Strangely, Linglei offered by Zhangfan met the bead and was immediately surrounded by beads, so it fell sideways to the ground. Suddenly, all the Linglei disappeared into the ground and disappeared.
However, the originally colored beads became a little dim. When Zhangfan saw this, he was suddenly happy, his hands moved, and suddenly he took Lingjian as the medium, and the new Linglei struck again.
Guihailin was not only happy to see the beads attract Linglei, but after Linglei, the color of the beads changed, and Guihailin was suddenly horrified. This bead was refined by itself soon. If it was struck by the other party’s spirit several times, it would completely lose its power!
When I returned to the sea, I had to turn my mind. When Zhangfan’s third Linglei was formed, I took the bead back, and at the same time, Lingli suddenly added water.
When I entered the lotus in Phnom Penh, the huge lotus suddenly differentiated into a bowl-sized lotus sandwiched between the top of my head and the spirit sword of Yimu.
Song Shuangshuang, in the hurry-scurry of returning to the sea, once again instigated the green bamboo-colored sword, and immediately the sword turned into a green dumpling and hit the lotus flower in Phnom Penh.
Sure enough, at the moment when Guihailin saw the green dumpling coming, she suddenly became furious and didn’t have time to think much. When Guihailin opened her mouth, she spit out a piece of jinxia. After doing this, Guihailin seemed to feel unsafe. She immediately bit her tongue, took a bite of Jingxue and merged with a mass of spirit. After that jinxia, she went to meet the lotus in Phnom Penh at the same time. As soon as the Jin Xia and Jingxie arrived on the Golden Lotus, they were sucked into the body with one bite. Suddenly, the Golden Lotus "sou" and the dazzling spirit of the mountain soared several feet in situ, turning into a sitting lotus with the size of a millstone, and went to meet the green dumpling.
Both "?" Touch each other with a crash.
At a time when Zhangfan’s sky was just right, the thunder just landed on another golden lotus differentiated by returning to the sea!
At the same time, Zhangfan’s eyebrows a wrinkly, once again thrown out a multiplier, it is that accumulate not long purple bamboo shield, half a year’s time, purple bamboo shield although not.
With thorough refining, but also with seven points of power, Zhang Fanxian, this shield is not only a blind defense, but it can give a spiritual blow when it is used to break other people’s defenses, just like swinging a sledgehammer across the wall. Under the impact, things hanging on the other side of the wall may be broken or dropped, and it is more likely to smash the wall. At this moment, the defense that is in the sea is like a wall.
The purple bamboo shield grows in the wind, and when it is close to the golden lotus, it has become seven feet high. From a distance, it looks like a huge square brick with bursts of purple awns, and it is smashed according to the golden lotus!
"Bang" a loud noise, Guihailin differentiated golden lotus was smashed into pieces by purple bamboo shield, scattered into the air, and Guihailin’s hands, which were originally offering spiritual formula, were suddenly delayed!
And Song Shuangshuang’s green dumpling just happened to touch the millstone-sized golden lotus at this time!
Once again, the two made a loud noise, and the strong spirit mountain suddenly formed a whirlwind, and Zhangfan’s figure was pulled back for several feet before stopping, and the spirit sword was also affected. With a "sou", it shot forward to Zhangfan until it flew to Zhangfan to three feet, and then it was re-divided into three.
The ruler came long and stopped!
After the gale, I saw a huge pit more than twenty feet deep on the ground appear in front of everyone!
At the same time, when I returned to the sea, my face suddenly turned purple, and then I opened my mouth and spit out a mouthful of bright red blood. I was badly hurt, and even the golden lotus with the size of a millstone was bleak.
Song Shuangshuang secretly frowned and said, "Brother, if you do it again, he will die."
"I understand."
Zhangfan is also very clear. At the moment, he has the upper hand, and the spiritual power of returning to the sea has reached the point where the lamp is exhausted. He can only passively defend, so that blindly defending will only consume more spiritual power, especially when spitting out one mouthful blood. The spiritual power of leaning forward is also messed up. If you want to kill him, you really just need to converging again.
Gui Hailin suddenly gnashed her teeth at Zhangfan and Song Shuangshuang, wiped the blood on her mouth and said, "You forced me!"

Chapter one hundred and eighty-four Attached charms
Zhangfan and Song Shuangshuang ignored a face of maliciousness and returned to the sea, but both of them sacrificed the multiplier again and began to play the law.
At the moment, Zhangfan’s Yimu Lingjian and Zizhu Shield, one of which was wrapped in the thunder and lightning awn, took the sound of thunder and thunder and went away with surprises, while the other one was like a giant brick, and also scattered with powerful purple Lingmang surprises, in no particular order, shooting at the dull Phnom Penh Lotus that returned to the sea. Although Zhangfan didn’t know what kind of multiplier the other’s golden lotus was, the owner of the golden lotus returned to the sea but suffered a huge trauma. At this time, the golden lotus was still in the sea.