Tian hu’s old demon said with a smile, "He was the most seriously injured in the Wuyishan War a thousand years ago, but he also got help from Scorpio. Now he is better than me. If I join hands with him, Taoism will be unstoppable unless the three old people show up! "
When he said this, he suddenly glanced at Bai Meng and Huang Lingzi with a frown. Bai Meng was surprised.
This old demon’s practice has already been destroyed, and he has been practicing for thousands of years in a big position. His strength should be similar to that of Jin Chanzi. It’s just that the monster who belongs to Xiunei Dan ate two more Tiandao Dan, and he can feel himself and Huang Lingzi’s strength can be regarded as between the middle and late Mahayana.
Bai Meng quickly released Qing Guo and Huang Lingzi also quickly released Yulong, and both of them flew away quickly.
"How dare you eavesdrop and eat my sword!" The red light at the foot of the old demon in tian hu flashed behind Bai Meng and Huang Lingzi and raised my hand to offer a red light.
Bai Meng was surprised. The red light seemed to be a dry circle. He knew countless treasures and knew it was a strange magic weapon. Huang Lingzi was about to fly out of Jiugong Excalibur.
"Hey!" With a muffled sound, both magic weapons flew back separately.
Huang Lingzi used the storm magic weapon and the weird magic weapon to play hardball, which was originally a big bargain, but after all, the strength difference was too big. Even the two of them vomited blood and fell on Yulong’s face, and his forehead was pale and cold.
Bai Meng was surprised that a sacrifice in Zixia Xiandian shone golden light and Huang Lingzi and Yulong were collected. He sat down and ran to tian hu alone, and the old demon used his strength to nurse, so he could barely follow behind him without any chance to use magic weapons.
"Don’t run away and see if I don’t wring you to death!" Tian hu’s old demon is getting more and more angry.
"If you dare, chase and see if I don’t run to death!" White turned to look at tian hu old demon has turned into a cloud of fire but still can’t catch up with himself.
Bai Meng spent a lot of time with this old fox (even a little fox haha) today. Anyway, he still has black flies and fire flies in the Zixia Fairy Hall for ten days and a half.
He doesn’t go into Zi Xia Wonderland, anyway, he just keeps beating around the bush. Unlike the old demon in tian hu, he has a mount to run and he can make his own hands free. Throw out twelve symbols at random and form a small array to consume the old fox’s energy.
Tian hu’s old demon’s blood is about to come out. He’s been in his lair for thousands of years, and he thought it was a world-beater. As a result, he chased this little bastard in the middle of Du Jie for three days and three nights, and the earth circled twice, so he couldn’t catch up.
It’s really that my lungs are going to explode. Finally, I saw that the green dragonfly began to gasp and seemed to be unable to run. I couldn’t help laughing: "You … don’t run the mount!"
Bai Meng shook his hand and changed it again. He also laughed and said, "Go after it. Keep chasing. I have seven or eight fucking mounts. I won’t be your grandfather if I don’t let you run for three or five years this time! "
"Shit … I can’t!" Tian hu’s old demon is really out of breath. It took him 3,000 years to fix it. That also hold when they ran out like this and didn’t bring a mount.
To say which monster can’t run in his hole. Today is really a fucking failure. After 3,000 years of mixing, it’s depressing to be bullied by people relying on mounts.
"Run to the North Pole where the Polaris light is the most restrained and it is the coldest place. My injury is already good. Two people join hands. Do him! " Huang Lingzi suddenly whispered.
"Good so STH over and over again it. I don’t think it was well prepared when it came out. I should be able to try World War I! " Bai Meng nodded slightly.
Bai Meng and Huang Lingzi agreed to immediately shoot a fire and run towards the North Pole. Going to the North Pole is a lose-lose game. He and Huang Lingzi don’t need a spirit beast, but the old monster will fight them with the light of the North Star.
As soon as we reach the North Pole border. As soon as Bai Meng closed the fire, he flew against the colorful flowing clouds and reached the Arctic iceberg, but he saw the purple stars in the sky hanging over the entire Arctic iceberg. The magic needle of the twenty-four kings of Baimeng is short of two things, one is the Antarctic ice lotus, and the other is the Polaris light.
Polaris light is the magic light from Polaris, which is an eternal star, and its starlight is the most evil. It’s just extremely difficult to receive it, but it can be absorbed by the reincarnation mirror. The refined energy in the reincarnation mirror rolls for grain like spring water, and then it is gathered into a jade paste that can be used to refine the device.
Tian hu’s old demon looked a little hesitant and sneered at the purple starlight all over the sky: "You are very clever. I think you are also a powerful person. You are not the four major factions. All of them must have suddenly appeared in the past two years!"
"It’s you. If you want to compete with me, you might as well come in!" Bai Meng offered sacrifices to Zi Xia Fairy Hall and Huang Lingzi stood shoulder-to-shoulder and offered their magic weapons.
"You and I don’t have any enmity, but the bodhi old zu bat really wants to see you, and you don’t have to wait for the bodhi old zu magic weapon to be refined into nature to meet you. I’ll be there then, too. If you’re scared, give up the fairyland! " After all, tian hu’s old demon was afraid of this Polaris light, but he just turned away with a sneer and disappeared in an instant.
"Hoo!" Bai Meng couldn’t help but shake his head and Huang Lingzi laughed as soon as he spat out the gas in his chest. "Look, we have made another big enemy. This demon can be personalized in an extraordinary thousand years. Although it can’t compare with those who have good talents, after all, there is another two thousand years of penance, which is no less than the characters in the late Mahayana. "
"I don’t understand why they haven’t been promoted to Kunlun wonderland at this point, but they have to stay on earth?" Huang Lingzi is a bit strange.
"According to common sense, it should soar, but there may be karma or demons outstanding. Maybe it was the first world war a thousand years ago, or maybe it is against us now, so we need to be careful in the future. Today, we came to the North Pole anyway, so we will stay here to collect the Polaris light! "
Bai Meng looked up at the faint Polaris light in the sky and suddenly felt a little disconsolate and sighed, "I know this Polaris light is difficult to collect, but I didn’t think it was so difficult to collect what I needed. Another ten or eight years is not enough!"
Huang Lingzi laughed and said, "What’s so hard about this? Brother must have a great fate. I’m worried that the monster will go back to Zixia Mountain to make an arrangement first!"
Bai Meng knew that Huang Lingzi was worried and smiled: "Then go home. It’s no good for you and me to be here for such a troublesome thing!"
Huang Lingzi smiled and flew away on Yulong.
Bai Meng was left alone on the icy Arctic ice sheet, with an endless snow field. In the distance, icebergs were towering and lifeless, only the endless snowflakes and Iceland.
Looking up at the starry sky and the extremely scattered Polaris light, he not only frowned, but also had to sacrifice the white jade temple of heaven to recruit 128 stars. These stars are no longer ghosts, so they are not afraid of the Polaris light.
You set up a large array of gathering spirits, taking the mirror of reincarnation as the array eye, and sucked up the light of Polaris in Fiona Fang and the essence of Arctic cold, but you saw that countless colorful aurora in the sky turned into flowing water and flowed towards the mirror of reincarnation like a rainbow spring.
It was only when the large array was made white that it was seen that the Polaris light actually split into two parts, most of which flowed to itself and the other part flowed to hundreds of miles away.
"Stop, stop … please which guy is robbing me. I can’t stand it. There are people robbing me!" In the distance, an old man’s voice came at once, and when he saw Bai Meng, he quickly turned his head to leave.
Bai Meng’s consciousness swept away, only to see that he was a figure in Du Jie’s later period. He smiled and turned into a black wind. His hands crossed in front of him and he was expressionless. "Hand it over!"
"What do you want?" The old man took a step back with his eyes wide open and couldn’t believe it. jade gourd shook his head like a rattle. "There is nothing without me!"
"Hey, don’t let me be accused of bullying the elderly. I don’t like to hit people, but once I start, I can’t stop!" White face a black straight hand in the past.
The old man said angrily, "I’m a real person in the Arctic. I haven’t had an opponent in the Arctic for more than a hundred years. I wanted to let you go today. Who knew you were so overbearing and good? I will do it. But in order to avoid others saying that I bully the younger generation, I will give you a chance. As long as you say sorry, I will let you go! "
Bai Meng looked at this old man and was indignant. He secretly wondered if this man really had a little skill to be able to cross the Arctic for more than a hundred years without an opponent … Where did a few people in the Arctic on my day nu way: "I’m a god of Dreadwind who has crossed the village for more than ten years, and many of my opponents have been killed by me." Think clearly. Now give me the jade gourd in your hand and I will leave you alive! "
"Oh, you really don’t give me face …!" The old man suddenly looked at Bai Meng with a dull face here and couldn’t say a word as if he had seen something very shocking.
Is it that tian hu’s old demon came back to kill Bai Meng? Looking back quickly, he saw that there was no one behind him. Looking back again, I saw that the real person in the North Pole broke through the ice 500 feet deep and plopped into the sea.
I can’t believe that the old man dared to cheat the agent to collect the white jade temple of heaven and all kinds of ghosts and kings, and jumped down from the ice hole knocked open by the Arctic reality and flew away to the bottom of the sea in tandem with the Arctic reality.

Chapter one hundred and ninety-four The Arctic reality
What Polaris light is collected here? Even jade gourd, who is in the arms of an Arctic real person, doesn’t know how many Polaris lights are gathered, and the colorful aurora keeps flashing. Under this bleak deep sea, because there is so much purple aurora, it turns out that it keeps shining like a sword, and the seabed is also bright.
"Well, I can see you wherever you run with such a light bulb!" White heart did Sarah laugh.
Bai Meng pinched the water and took a picture of the five elements of the gods. They can also travel thousands of miles underwater, but the real people in the Arctic don’t display any Taoism, but a purple cassock automatically separates the seawater within a hundred paces.
After two people chased each other in tandem for half an hour, Bai Meng felt extremely dignified pressure, as if she were carrying a high mountain, and quickly photographed Gankun’s light spirit charm and five-element amulet in her body as if she were outside the sea.