Blame him for being disappointed. Messi’s shot is the closest but not the only one to Barcelona in this game. Barcelona has missed two chances before.
Once, Villa shot and was saved by the opposing goalkeeper.
Once Harvey’s long-range shot hit the beam and flew out.
After a long attack, even if Guardiola is calm, he can’t guarantee that the players on the field are as calm as him, which is still behind.
Not far away, Linsen made no secret of his observation of Guardiola’s eyes, and naturally noticed Guardiola’s disappointment, but he didn’t show any complacency because of it. He escaped, that is, he escaped. He has been calculating the opponent, but it doesn’t include such a "heartbeat". If Messi just scored, he would have to start over.
Yu Suarez? That’s another foreshadowing for him. Just like the half-time plot, he can’t guarantee that it will work. To be continued.
Chapter 50 Patience
The foreshadowing of football field is a high-risk investment to put it bluntly.
Lin Sen let Suarez watch the half-game on the sidelines, and Suarez gave him an answer that made him do more work, but it is obviously unrealistic to say that he really pinned all his hopes on Suarez.
Most teams can be said to be self-absorbed when facing Barcelona, let alone attacking, but this does not mean that Barcelona really needs to defend them. They also have a world-class defense line. If a team like Barcelona is observed for half a game and its weaknesses are found, then it is not Barcelona.
However, since Linsen let Suarez do this, besides believing in Suarez’s ability, it is actually a gamble.
The cards in Manchester City are not worse than those in Barcelona. Shaolin Sen knows this, but the bad things in Manchester City can’t be made up in a short time. Lin Sen can make up for it even if he doesn’t recognize himself. Even if he goes against the sky again, he can’t change this fact. Then if Manchester City wants to beat Barcelona, it must be rich and risky.
In the past twenty minutes, apart from paying attention to the situation, one of Linsen’s most frequent small moves is that he will watch a game out of the corner of his eye almost every few minutes. This is of course not because he is looking forward to an early game, but because he is calculating how much time his team has left to carry out another small plot.
He told Suarez to be patient because once Suarez "loses patience", Barcelona can’t give him a second chance, but he didn’t know whether there would be a chance to make Suarez "lose patience" in the game.
So even if Lin Sen moves and hides again, it will be difficult for him to be seen by you.
This man of heart is Barcelona assistant coach vilanova.
Tomlinson’s time-watching behavior vilanova originally meant to see that he was an illusion at that time. It’s not surprising that it didn’t take long for half-time to start. Who would start to pay attention to the game at that time? However, he saw Lin Sen’s same move again, which made him curious, but he didn’t think what Bai Linsen’s move meant.
Note that this kind of thing happens to every coach more or less during the game, and the meaning is different. Some are judging the situation, others are just waiting for the game …
I don’t understand that vilanova told Guardiola this little detail, but Guardiola didn’t understand that the situation was controlled by Barcelona from the beginning of the half-time, which seems to be understandable that Linsen is "struggling"
One-to-one score in the two-round knockout match is against Barcelona, which is indeed a score, but it is better to go to Camp Nou with a lead than to go to Camp Nou with a draw or a score behind. Such a small score can give Manchester City a choice. Many teams often make choices at Camp Nou.
That is to stick to the end.
Harvey gave the ball to Pedro. Pedro didn’t see the chance and returned it to Keita. vidal forced Keita to grab it. He quickly gave it to busquets, and then busquets gave it to Harvey …
How many times is this ball?
No one counts the stands. Fans know that the ball has been controlled by Barcelona for a long time. Although they didn’t form a shot during this "long time", the ball is still at their feet. If you force him to grab the ball, he will return … The total ball is them.
Is Suarez not active? When the ball appears in his own area, he will still try to grab it, but he will never fly all over the court because he has him. However, it is still a slightly embarrassing situation for a striker who is used to keeping the ball at the foot for more than 20 minutes and has not touched the ball in double digits.
Suarez can do the same. He can’t complain about his teammates because he knows very well that his teammates are not hardworking.
keep one’s patience
Whenever this happens, Suarez thinks of what his head coach told him.
But to be patient, there will always be an opportunity, and all he needs to do is seize that opportunity
Thought of here, Suarez looked up and glanced at his oblique front.
The tall one is the same age as him. Pique’s career has been smooth all the way. The core of Spain’s future defense line is not so tall, but it can’t be seen at all. At this time, defender Mascherano almost passed the middle circle position because of the ball control in Barcelona.
Suarez took a deep breath at the corner of his mouth and muttered something in his heart
No team can threaten opponents’ goals for 90 minutes, even Barcelona.
This is not because Barcelona doesn’t have this ability, but because of objective conditions, just as Messi has enough ability to reproduce the "one-stop" just now, but he can’t play like this all the time, and just as Guardiola was worried about several attacks, the players’ mentality is difficult to be impetuous, and once they are impetuous, they can’t be as fluent as before.
At the same time, it is impossible for Manchester City to let Barcelona be so reckless that it has been threatening its own goal, which can be seen from the sudden increase in the number of fouls in Manchester City.
So the game was deadlocked again.
Now it’s Guardiola’s turn to watch games frequently.
During the game, people will have the illusion of "fast" in several situations. One is when both sides are playing offensive football and everyone’s attention is attracted, so they naturally ignore it. The other is when you are behind, such as the feeling of Guardiola.
Before you know it, ten minutes have passed, which means there are ten minutes left for Barcelona to change its fruit.
At this time, Guardiola has never stood still and finally made a substitution.
Dutch winger Alai was "locked" to death by Sabaletta in a game change.
This substitution also made the commentator lament the absence of a game. In his opinion, if Iniesta was not absent due to injury, the Barcelona midfielder would definitely not let Manchester City "lock up" so easily, and then Barcelona would not fall behind.
The commentator felt unreasonable, but it didn’t help.
It was less than three minutes after the substitution that Linsen waited until he was waiting for the opportunity at half-time, or Suarez waited until he was looking for the opportunity.
Turbulence begins in calm waves.
In the 14th minute, Barcelona once again burned the offensive battle to the right side of Manchester City by dazzling delivery, that is, the position of Alai just played. Linsen didn’t know what Guardiola said to Alai, but obviously Alai overestimated his ability just played.
At the last minute, players don’t always become heroes, but they may also fail.
Alai tried to break through Zabaleta with his own skills, but Zabaleta soon told him that he was not much more difficult to deal with than Pedro just now, and he made a clean tackle.
Alai fell to the ground in embarrassment and then complained to the referee with open arms about the foul, but it happened almost at the bottom of his eyes. The referee didn’t want to pay attention to the complaint, and Sabaleta quickly moved the ball to the retreat Yaya Toure as before.
After receiving the ball, Yaya Toure also intended to move the ball to two flanks as before and then organize the attack slowly, but just as he turned his head, he found a dark blue figure at the farthest end.
Shape like a tight bow
No offside!
Yaya Toure shines at the moment.
Then the ball flew over the stadium like a guided missile and flew directly to the hinterland of Barcelona.