Haikui stretched out his hand to touch the concave and convex ripples, and suddenly his body trembled, and he felt a force pouring into his body. Then a pattern suddenly appeared in his mind. A man stretched out his hand to point between heaven and earth, and ripples appeared, destroying everything in heaven and earth.
Haikui suddenly opened his eyes. What spell is this?
However, the man didn’t speak from beginning to end, and left a figure in Haikui’s mind and disappeared.
As for his magic, Haikui can see the surface three points. He gave it a try, and controlled the explosion of the true element through the body, which can achieve the effect of diffusion, but the power is too different from the picture just shown in his mind.
He meditated for a while, thinking that it would be nice if Ling Yan was beside him, and he could ask, they must have seen Qing Di release spells.
Haikui guessed that the person who just appeared in my mind was Qing Di.
Because it looks elegant, ethereal and domineering, it feels like a generation of kings.
Hai Kui didn’t understand, so he walked towards the stone tablet below. Looking around, most of the stone tablets depict words that are difficult to understand, and a few are paintings. He mainly looks at paintings.
Now he is standing in front of a three-foot-high stone tablet, in which a humanoid pattern is held in his left hand for a month and a half and in his right hand for a month and a half.
Haikui reached out to touch the two and a half months when he was familiar with it. A force poured in, and a picture came crashing in his mind. It was still the man, still unable to see his face clearly. One hand held a black half-moon-shaped flowing gas, and the other hand held a white half-moon-shaped flowing gas. He fused the two groups of gas of his right hand and left hand, and the gas began to rotate. The same pattern as gossip Tai Chi was displayed in front of Haikui, and everything between heaven and earth was shrouded under the gossip.
The picture finally disappeared, and Haikui withdrew his hand. What kind of spell is this?
When Haikui was going to see the next stone tablet, if he felt something, he looked up and saw that the famous body was shaking badly, and a layer of white armor slowly emerged on him. Kongji pressed a red flame into his eyebrows and then withdrew his palm.
Refining is complete!
Chapter 472 came out.
Haikui looked up and saw that Kongji had finally refined his famous name, and his eyes were unwilling and helpless.
Feeling a force from a famous person, Haikui was slightly stunned.
Kong Ji’s strength didn’t make him feel close, but it was slightly exclusive. It was a magic force, mainly because Kong Ji was a mysterious ancient soul-catcher, and there were too many resentful souls, especially the mysterious ancient fiend.
However, the six immortals and the Eight Wastes, which are famous, exude immortality, which is of great benefit to Haikui who has not yet transformed immortality. One point of immortality is worth ten yuan, but Haikui can’t bear the huge power of immortality now.
After Kong Ji helped Hai Kui refine the famous name, he let it go, and the two big men guarding the famous name walked into the virtual shadow of the soul and disappeared.
The white armor on the famous body slowly receded, his face looked tired, and a red mans flashed on his forehead and disappeared.
Haikui looked up at the two men. "Can you please two things?"
Kong Ji said: "Although we have recognized you as the main thing, I won’t do what I don’t want to do, even if you force me, and your cultivation is still low. If I throw caution to the wind, we will both lose. Of course, if you die, I will die, but I would rather die than do what I don’t want to do!"
The famous man said faintly, "Go ahead, what is it?"
Haikui knew that Kongji was looking for himself under the steps, and his face looked solemn. "Don’t worry, I treat you as friends!"
Empty discipline heavy well, seems to be satisfied with HaiKui this answer.
Haikui pointed to the stone tablet and said to the owner, "Can you interpret the words on it for me? In addition, I know these patterns are demonstrations of some spells, but I don’t know the trick. You must have seen Qing Di release spells. Can you give me some advice?"
Take a look at the famous stone tablets, and then close your eyes slightly. "Old Huang and they are almost going to wake up. You won’t learn these things for a while. When you learn them, it is estimated that one thousand years will pass in an instant. Let’s leave here first!" ""Yes, get out of here first! " Kong Ji’s eyes brightened.
"That …" Haikui also wants to leave here first and come back later?
Holding the name seems to have seen through Hai Kui’s idea. "Old Huang has a magic weapon to form his own space. Let him move in all the stone tablets here and take them away!"
Haikui nodded and thought it was a good arrangement.
Three people sitting cross-legged in front of the stone tablet, empty discipline and famous just war, consumption serious pranayama recovery, the space here contains a lot of dust, but Haikui hasn’t reached that level, only feel refreshed recovery a little faster but can’t be absorbed, if forced absorption, I’m afraid it will be counterproductive.
The scenery remains the same, and time has been running. After practicing for a while, Haikui feels that she has made rapid progress. Although she can’t absorb too much immortal spirit, a little bit of it immediately fills her insides and washes her body. Haikui suddenly feels that if she transforms her body with immortal spirit, she can reach the immortal body for further development in advance, and how far is it from the indestructible body of King Kong.
He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the stone tablets standing in front of him. There must be a cultivation method of indestructible body in it. Since Suzaku’s two places at once were all got by Qing Di, all this is possible.
Haikui turned his head, and the heads of the famous and empty Ji were covered with smoke, and the horcruxes were seriously injured. Now the empty Ji was more seriously injured, because at the moment when the power of the spell came into play after the sacrifice, the name relied on the power of the spell to recover half!
Famous eyelid jumped and slowly opened his eyes. "Old Huang woke up." He stretched out his right hand and spread it out, and a colorful ball appeared in his hand. Then a colorful bird broke out of the ball and flew into the air, growing bigger and bigger, covering the top of Haikui.
The colorful bird suddenly turned into colorful light and scattered in all directions, and slowly dropped three colorful balls from the air, which were wrapped with three people, Lao Huang.
After the colored ball landed, it disappeared, and all three of them were sitting cross-legged. Among them, Lao Huang should open his eyes first, and Haikui felt that he seemed to be getting older again, showing great fatigue.
Lao Huang opened his eyes and looked up at Haikui as if he felt something, saying nothing.
After a while, Ling Yan also opened her eyes and looked at Haikui without saying a word.
Lao Chang was the last one to open his eyes, looked at Haikui, and then looked at the empty discipline and the name behind Haikui. "You …"
Lao Huang stood up first and knelt down on one knee. "See the master!"
Haikui is a little dizzy. What do you mean, now he is Qing Di? Touch your face, it hasn’t changed.
Ling Yan also knelt down. "See the master."
Lao Chang looks weird, but he does the same thing. See Hai Kui.
Haikui said, "Didn’t I plant runes on you? You are already your master. Why do you bow down now?"
"Hum, can they not worship? Although your current practice is common or even bad, we can shoot the three of them with a fairy fairy device and a fairy magic device. If we don’t show our loyalty, I will beat them three!" Empty ji hem said.
Haikui felt funny and reached out to pull Lao Huang. "Get up quickly, you are my predecessors, don’t do this!"
Ling Yan’s expression is complicated. "You are now a genuine descendant of Qing Di, not a backup. The three of us dare not expect anything. You can officially replace Qing Di’s name as long as you reach the rank of Xianjun!"
Haikui nodded. "This needs to wait until the year of the monkey. Let’s leave here first. It is said that Lao Huang has a magic weapon to put all the stone tablets here. Let’s put them away first and get out of here."
Old Huang did so, and a colorful ball of light appeared in his hand. Just like the colorful ball they just came out, he gently pushed it forward, and a colorful bird came out and flew towards the stone tablet. Then the bird gradually became bigger and enveloped the world, turning into countless colorful lights shining on the stone tablet, and the stone tablet disappeared. The colorful lights gathered into colorful birds and flew to the palm of old Huang’s hand, and old Huang put it away.
On the original ground of the stone tablet, there is a huge array composed of numerous runes, which looks like a headache. Fortunately, the original Qing Di trained several talents for Hai Kui, and Hai Kui pointed to the array. "Which Aiqing can open the array for me and let me leave?"
Ling flue: "You can manipulate the array with a drop of blood!" "
"It’s that simple?" Haikui wondered.
"Yes!" Ling Yan affirmed: "Qing Di must have anticipated the present situation and set up a simple opening array."
Haikui rolled his eyes, trying to say that I am too humble to say that Lao Tzu is your master now, and I will adjust-teach-teach you another day!
According to Ling Yan, Haikui cut his finger and dropped a drop of blood in the center of the array. When the drop of blood disappeared into the rune, it was golden, and countless runes floated, which startled Haikui. Immediately, a feeling of deja vu came. Haikui found that he could manipulate the array, and his mind moved. The floating rune began to rotate around him, forming a rune channel connecting heaven and earth, and a black hole appeared above the sky.
Famous and old Huang also walked into the array, and Haikui pointed to the black hole. "Is that the exit?"
"Yes, I can feel the power of the stars outside!" Kong Ji said, with a strange smile, and his body whooshed and disappeared, and he had already rushed into a black hole.
Several other people don’t have the concept of master and servant as empty discipline does, and they are all waiting for Haikui. Haikui certainly wants to leave here, where birds don’t shit, there’s nothing interesting!
Haikui flew towards the black hole, near the mouth of the cave, and a breeze blew outside, which was a familiar feeling.
The bright starry sky appeared in front of Haikui, stretched out his arms and smiled happily.
Empty Ji is crazy in the starry sky, screaming, and listening to Ling Yan, they have been in this place sealed by Qing Di for thousands of years. They don’t know for thousands of years, only the mortals living inside have passed for more than a dozen generations.