When the stadium police at the scene saw that the situation was wrong, they immediately gathered a seat belt to separate the fans from each other, which just calmed the situation down a little.
But near the end of the half-time, the fans’ emotions were stirred up again. Of course, the reason is inseparable from the scene on the field.
Dennis received Lavizi’s ball and turned around to break through, but the defending Silvia clung to him. Under the constant pull of Silvia, Dennis finally fell to the edge of Lazio’s penalty area "disappointedly". Dennis didn’t hold back his temper this time. He has had enough of such endless harassment. He quickly got up and gave Silvia a push. Lazio’s central defender is certainly not to be outdone, he pushed Dennis back. This push completely angered Dennis, who punched Silvia in the face with a standard swing. Quite the style of Luti’s boxing town in Kansai. After the reaction, Hivilia returned a beautiful hook, and the action was as standard as that of Tai Sen, the champion of boxing. The two "boxing masters" got entangled with each other so quickly that even the referee didn’t react.
By the time the players from both sides helped the referee to separate them, both of them were beaten black and blue. This time, the referee was not soft, and each person was sent off directly.
However, the Lazio fans on the sidelines quit. In their view, the referee’s penalty was unfair. It was Dennis who made the first move. Why did he send Silvia off? I don’t know who took the lead. Lazio fans in Sao Paulo stadium began to throw things in their hands, mineral water bottles, lighters, mobile phones, fireworks and everything that could be thrown into the stadium.
By this time, there was no way to play the game, and the whistle at the end of the first half was blown.
However, the fan riots in the stadium did not end with the whistle at half-time. On the contrary, there was a growing trend. The fans of both sides broke out in a fierce battle, and the smoke emitted by fireworks enveloped Sao Paulo as if it were a hellish scene. In the flickering firelight, there are ferocious, horrible and irrational faces. At this moment, it seems that God is far away from this smoky stadium. He loses control of these believers and is replaced by Satan from hell.

The police in the stadium could no longer control the situation in the stadium. As a last resort, they had to call the Naples police station for help. When 500 riot police appeared in S? o Paulo, they gradually controlled the riot situation. At this time, the half-time interval had passed 35 minutes. After discussion, the referee and the Football Association officials decided to terminate the match, and the Italian Cup match between the two teams was postponed.
In the dressing room in Naples, Rhea severely criticized Dennis’s stupid behavior. According to the degree of the riots, this incident was not small. Dennis, the protagonist of the fight that caused the riots, is of course to blame. He may face at least three suspensions or more. The suspension of the main striker will definitely have an impact on Rhea’s preparations. Fortunately, there is also the Sarraille Tower. This made Rhea feel a little relieved.
Two days later, the Football Association issued a fine, and Napoli and Lazio each fined 100,000 euros. Napoli will be banned from the next three home games: Dennis and Silvia, who caused the trouble, were suspended for three games. But only in the Italian Cup. The league is not bound.
As soon as the penalty result came out, the Napoli club appealed. Dellaurentis felt that he was more resentful than Dou E. The incident was provoked by Lazio fans. Why should Naples fans be banned from watching the game at home? However, the appeal was quickly dismissed. In the past two years, there have been many fan riots in Serie A that have damaged the image of Italian football. The Football Association is in the process of severe rectification. Naples happened to hit the muzzle and naturally became the "chicken" used to make an example.
Bad time! ! ! ! Just got out of suspension and this happened again. Rhea was very helpless. He had to vent his frustration on the Napoli players. Seeing that you are so angry, I will help you eliminate the fire. How about practicing three times a day? You don’t even have the strength to get angry.
On the second day after the Italian Cup match against Lazio, players’ cries came from time to time in the training ground in Naples, and the training was not open to the public. The reporters waiting outside the training ground could only imagine what was happening in the field through those cries. God be with you, amen! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three-The disappearance of Qin Sishui
After a few days’ training, Rhea let the Naples players see his devil’s three practices, which made everyone complain, and the coach really lost his temper. In Hamsik’s words, the old man Lei is really in a state of runaway, so don’t mess with him again. Sure enough, even Hamsik, who has always been smirked, is honest these days. However, it doesn’t make any difference to Zheng Nan. Anyway, he has to practice more these days, which is similar to practicing three times a day.
After returning home from training, Qinan walked on a familiar road and looked at the magnificent sky in Naples. Qinan couldn’t help but think of Li Qingzhao’s first word. Li Qingzhao once wrote in "Lantern Festival" that "the sunset melts gold, and the twilight clouds meet the wall, where are people?" Dyed willow smoke is thick, and spring is known. On the Lantern Festival, the weather is blended, and there is no wind and rain. " Jina wondered whether the scenery seen by this poetess who was born after him in theory when she wrote this word in Lin ‘an was the same as what she saw now. The sunset in front of her was like blood, and the sunset glow was stacked with colorful colors on the upper layer with a rich golden red background. The clouds were scattered and disorganized in many-hued, like the brocade made by the ancient silk workshop, which was not completely finished, and was confiscated by God to decorate its lintel. At this time, it is also appropriate to describe this scene as "the setting sun melts gold and Mu Yun combines". Sunset, infinite beauty, only close to the dusk. The scene in the evening always gives people a sad feeling. At present, the familiar streets and the magnificent sunset, Li Qingzhao’s words made Qina think of a person. It turned out that Qina thought he had forgotten her, but just now he discovered that he just put that person in the deepest part of his heart and deliberately hung a forgotten lock in that place. But at a certain moment, she can still easily "escape" and regard the lock that imprisons her memory as nothing. Hey! ! ! ! Are you okay in China? Jina sighed lightly, and the sigh falling in the air was full of helplessness. Full of melancholy.
There is still a short way to get home. While walking, JiNa’s mobile phone suddenly rings. Xiu Xiu must be urging him to go home again. Qina thought like this. These days, Xiu Xiu is obsessed with making local food in Naples. She stays at home and studies it every day after school, and then waits for Qinan to come back to taste it. If she goes back slowly, she will.
But when Jina took out his mobile phone and looked at it, he found that it was not Xiu Xiu, but Xiao Canghai, who rarely had contact with him now. Qinan was overjoyed to see that he was the big brother who had helped him a lot. I’m going to go home and have a good talk with him. After all, pedestrians pass by this road from time to time, and it will be troublesome if I meet fans who know him. I’m sure I’ll be stuck for a while again. But Xiao Canghai’s first sentence stopped him.
"Anan. Miss Big is missing! ! ! !”
Suddenly, the tide of memory gushed out like a burst of banks, and the figure that was already a little vague began to appear more and more clearly in my mind. Those fragments that got along with Qin Yishui flashed in Qina’s mind like a movie replay.
"Do you also like poetry?"
"What is beauty? Sir, can you teach little girls? "
""Nong buried people laugh today. Who did he know when he was buried? Let’s see that the residual flowers in spring are gradually falling, which is when the beauty dies of old age. No sad songs for me, I don’t know if flowers fall and people die! "
"Can you be my boyfriend?"
"JiNa, can you tell me. What is life? What are you living for? Is it for family or for love? "
"South, I’m really tired, really tired! ! I don’t want to go on like this with my father. Although I have never called him father in these years, he is still my father. Our blood relationship can never be changed. What should I do? What should I do? "
"Needless to say, I know. I didn’t take the joke between us seriously either. We were just acting for others. I know that. . .
Jina was surprised that he could recall all the dribs and drabs that happened with Qin like water in a short moment. Did he really love Qin like water in his heart? If not, then why is everything that happened to herself and her imprinted on her mind like a brand?
"Anan, do you know where the young lady is most likely to go?" Xiao Canghai’s question finally made Jina wake up from the memory.
"Old shaw. Tell me how Miss Qin disappeared? "
"It’s a long story, I’m afraid I’ll start after you return home! !” JiNa heart thumped, maybe the disappearance of qin sishui has something to do with yourself?
"Since you came back from Italy, miss moved back to live. The first two days were fine, but I’ve been driving since I came back from going out one day.
I’m not happy, and Qin Ye dare not ask more questions. You know that Qin Ye cares about asking the young lady to make her unhappy and move out again. From that day on, something was wrong with Miss Li. The servant at home said that she saw Miss Li crying secretly in the room several times. This situation continued until the beginning of the new semester, and Qin Ye later tried to talk to Miss Li several times, but she didn’t get an idea. In this way, until half a month ago, the young lady actually did the suspension procedure without telling Qin Ye. Then he suddenly left a letter saying that he would go outside for fun and disappeared. Master Qin sent people everywhere to look for it. After searching for more than ten days, he found nothing. Today, my brother suddenly remembered that you and Miss Qin had been there in the previous months. I might know something, so I’m calling to ask if you know where the young lady might go. "
Jina heard that he had understood the general situation, but he didn’t know where Qin Yishui might go.
"I don’t know this, because I haven’t contacted her since I returned to China." JiNa can only helplessly replied. Xiao Canghai at the other end of the phone sighed and could not hide his disappointment.
The two chatted about the recent situation before hanging up. After the call with Xiao Canghai, Qina dialed Qin Yishui’s mobile phone number. Although he knew it might be futile, he took chances. However, the prompt sound from the mobile phone completely shattered his luck. Qin sishui’s mobile phone really stopped.