Qu Yong listened to it for a long time, but there was no sound. He gently moved his limbs for a long time, and then his hand pushed the box in the dark and pushed the coffin to a line. After a glance, his heart sank to the bottom.
This is actually a prison. At first sight, Qu Yong saw the thick iron fence with his arms. "Oh, no, I got caught."
Now Quyong has come for nothing. Originally, Hideki Watanabe had already found someone in the coffin, but he kept still. Instead, he easily put this person into the private prison of the Yamaguchi group. All this was a big loss. It was simply being sold and helping to count the money.
"When did he find out that I was growling or earlier? This Hideki Watanabe was able to hold her breath. I am so young compared with people like them."
But it doesn’t matter when it was discovered. Qu Yong drilled out the coffin. This prison is very small, with three sides made of solid concrete walls and one side made of iron bars. Looking around, he is not the only prison here, and a long row is full of lonely people.
"This seems to be a private prison of the Yamaguchi group." Quyong tunnel "It’s strange that Hideki Watanabe caught my own people but didn’t show up. He didn’t even look at it as if it were a root."
He looked at it carefully. There was no other person except the prison opposite him.
And there was a man in that prison who didn’t know whether he was a man or a woman, and maybe he couldn’t call him "He". His back was turned to Qu Yong, and his long black hair poured down to the ground like satin. This hair was very long, and "He" sat down to the ground and spread a large piece like seaweed growing recklessly in the deep sea.
"He" is combing his hair all over his hair. "He" doesn’t have a comb, but his right hand and five fingers hold it slowly through his black hair. Although he can see a back, Qu Yong has decided that this is a woman.
Only a woman can have this style when combing her hair. She is simply combing her hair, which reveals a French saying that she is gentle, virtuous and virtuous. Qu Yong does not believe in Christianity, but the first reaction in her mind is the Virgin Mary.
Then he saw that her hands were dry and skinny, as if they had been drained of flesh and blood, but a piece of dead branches and nails had been corrected very short and neatly, showing that this woman was well educated, and even if she was trapped in such a place, she attached great importance to her appearance.
"Excuse me, is this …"
Qu Yong observed for half an hour, and the woman was still combing her hair seriously, as if she would never stop coming.
A gentle and quiet sound opposite the "prison" is like a piece of Wenyu.
"Ah" Qu Yong asked if it was Chinese, and so did he. I didn’t expect her to speak Chinese very well. Over the past few days, he found that many Japanese people can speak Chinese.
"this is a place for one person."
"This ….." This doubt is the most correct answer. Qu Yong went to the iron fence and asked, "Is Ge also the enemy of the Yakuza?"
"Enemy", she said faintly, "Maybe."
Every word she says is very infectious, but it is not a lonely soul, but like a bodhisattva who is enjoying herself and enduring hard.
"Really?" Qu Yong suddenly couldn’t ask, and he didn’t know what to ask. He had many words on his mind, but he couldn’t say a word for a long time before saying, "How long have you been here?"
"More than twenty years"
"More than 20 years" Qu Yong couldn’t believe how a person survived being in such a small place for more than 20 years.
"You’re feeling sorry for me. Think about your situation."
This prison is very small, about three meters long and two meters wide. Originally, a cement bed was poured into the room, but now the coffin has been placed. He walked around the whole cell twice and found that it was really a crack, so he could sit down beside the coffin.
"Do I have to be here for twenty years or more?"
Silent for a long time, she said, "You dig your fingers with one foot at a time and gently fluctuate as if you have a horse. It should be a door of form and meaning, but …" After a moment, she said, "Is your practice a true metaphor, a door of destiny or a door of heaven?"
"What?" Qu Yong was shocked that he had recently followed the copper face and turned kung fu into a step. She had just taken more than ten steps. She turned her back on herself and could hear clearly. This Erli knowledge was really terrible, but what surprised Qu Yong the most was that she said the names of her brothers and sisters.
In this world, there are absolutely not many people who can know this pulse. They are Japanese women.
"Are you …" QuYong suddenly got up and was full of precautions. "How do you know who you really are?"
"I-I don’t know," she said quietly. "It seems that you are not a disciple of destiny. He won’t like a young man with such a temper. I didn’t expect you to be his brother."
She said "he", that is, Tian Yi’s words were dull for a long time, but there was a deep feeling in them. Qu Yong could tell that she and Tian Yi might have a profound past.
"You’re not worried that you may have heard my name," she continued. "I haven’t seen myself for many years and I almost forgot my name is Gong Qing."
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Three people tracking
Naiyue Sakurai came out of the classroom with her arms in her arms. It was just noon when the bell rang for the fourth class. At this time, most students rushed to the canteen desperately. Two boys ran hand in hand. Suddenly, one of them fell down and the other tried to pull him, but was stopped. The boy shouted desperately, "Go to the canteen to queue up or you won’t be able to buy chicken legs."
This is the scene of the University of Tokyo. In Japan, this place is full of competition, even for eating.
However, Naiyue Sakurai didn’t fight for her and walked slowly.
At this time, there was a man with a disheveled suit in front, with a pale face and a flurry. He fell on his knees at Sakurai Naiyue’s feet and desperately cried, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s my fault."
"I deserve to die." The man slapped himself in the face with his left and right bows, and soon his mouth was bleeding, but he didn’t stop at all, but he tried his best to slap "I deserve to die."
Naiyue Sakurai frowned and said, "Who are you and how should you die?"
"I deserve to die, please forgive me for dying." The man would say these two words over and over again. When he saw Sakurai Naiyue not forgiving, he kowtowed and banged the concrete floor, and soon a blood mark appeared on the rough concrete floor.
"If you don’t say it, just knock it to death here." Sakurai Naiyue was too lazy to take a look and twist his waist to leave.
"Don’t miss Sakurai, please, please." The man quickly crawled on his knees and climbed a few steps in front of her to continue begging.
This scene should be forgiven even if there is hatred. I don’t know that Sakurai Naiyue suddenly hit the man’s head in his hand and then shouted "Watanabe Hideki, come out for me."
As soon as she shouted that a smiling young man should come out of the corner, it was the leader of the Yamaguchi group, Hideki Watanabe, who saw him coming. He gave the kneeling man a kick and fell to the side like a wild dog, and then smiled and said, "Naiyue, isn’t this little apology sincere enough? Well, I’ll let the hand that cut the writing apologize to you."
Naiyue Sakurai saw his face as if he had just eaten a smelly fly and said, "I’ve already said I don’t want you to take care of my affairs."
It seems that Hideki Watanabe can’t see that Naiyue Sakurai doesn’t like himself, but he leans over and says, "Naiyue’s small size is to sneak a photo of your paparazzi and let you get all the entertainment headlines. It’s really unforgivable that I have decided to cut off his hand."
"No," Naiyue Sakurai frowned. "Is there nothing else you can do to solve the problem except violence?"