As soon as the Monkey King’s voice fell, he gave a strange light in his hand, covering the king of Wuji like a net. King Wuji’s face showed a painful expression, and then he roared, and the whole head and bust began to change greatly. The originally dignified face grew fangs and blue scales, but the originally tall figure was full of muscles and a thick layer of green scales. The lower body hasn’t changed, but it’s even more frightening.
The guards who originally rushed in saw that their king had turned into this appearance, and they were all frightened. They immediately made a dash for the door and fled, leaving nothing but weapons on the ground in less than a minute.
"My old pig thought it was a powerful role!" Pig Bajie laughed. "It’s just a crocodile essence!"
Crocodile essence gave a long roar when he saw this, and shouted wildly, "You bastards have ruined the painstaking arrangement of this king, and you all deserve to die!" Said with great steps towards a few people step by step.
The Monkey King looked at the crocodile essence and showed disdain. He turned to Pig Bajie beside him and said, "Old pig, I’m not interested in this kind of stuff. I’ll give it to you!"
Pig Bajie heard this and shouted excitedly, "OK, Monkey, just watch!" Say that finish, he swung his nine-toothed rake and greeted the monster.
"Wukong, did Bajie handle it?" Tang Sanzang asked some worry.
"Master, you had been at ease, such a monster eight quit to also cope with. Let’s just watch the play! " Say that finish, just pull Tang Sanzang and others sat there watching.
Pig Bajie and the crocodile fought together. At first, neither of them could do anything about it. However, after a long time, Pig Bajie gradually fell into a disadvantage because he just entered the early stage of Luo Jinxian and his fighting experience was not as rich as this crocodile essence.
"Wukong, Pig seems to be struggling. Why don’t you help him!" Tang Sanzang aside to see pig eight quit from the beginning of the storm slowly to prevent more attack less, opening to the Monkey King.
Helpless shook his head, the Monkey King sighed: "This idiot, who always doesn’t work hard on weekdays, can’t even clean up such a garbage monster, really!"
With that, the Monkey King pulled out his golden cudgel, made it the size of a bowl, held it in his hand, and shouted, "Devil, eat my old grandson!"
When the crocodile saw the Monkey King calling with a stick, he immediately panicked, while Pig Bajie took the opportunity to build a rake on his shoulder, and blood flowed out along the wound. The crocodile gave a cry of pain, and when he saw that the Monkey King’s golden cudgel was in sight, he had to roll around lazily and narrowly avoided it.
The crocodile got out of the war circle and said to the Monkey King, "the Monkey King, take your lessons. I’m here to be my king. I didn’t want to eat your master. Let’s stay out of it. Why do you mind your own business?"
"Monster, do you know who Chen Guangrui was killed by you?" The Monkey King Road.
"mortal!" Crocodile essence without thinking.
"Bah, he is my master’s biological father, in other words, he is my grandmaster. Do you think my grandmaster is meddling?" The Monkey King Road.
"Ah, that’s true!" Crocodile essence surprised way.
"Who is he again?" The Monkey King pointed to the side wearing a hat Chen Guangrui way.
Chen Guangrui smell speech, also took down the hat of the head. When the crocodile essence saw it, he was surprised and said, "No wonder, you saved him!"
"Ha ha, that’s natural, and don’t look at who my monkey brother is!" Pig Bajie laughed.
"Well, monster, you are evil. Today, my old grandson will send you to see the king of hell!" The Monkey King harsh voice way.
Say that finish, the Monkey King’s gold-banded cudgel held a cudgel flower in the air, and he slouched towards the crocodile.
Even if the crocodile essence is not injured, it is no match for the Monkey King. Now it is injured, how can it be enemies? Plus the Monkey King also has a big reputation among monsters. This crocodile essence is scared at this time. After a few rounds, it was swept by the Monkey King with a stick and flew out of the temple, losing its fighting capacity.
After taking the crocodile essence, Chen Guangrui continued to sit as the king of Wuji country according to the Monkey King’s plan to stabilize people’s hearts. After several orders in a row, Chen Guangrui went to the harem in a hurry to see the flower.
Seeing Hua Manjiao, Chen Guangrui explained the incident to Hua Manjiao with tears, and the husband and wife were so excited that they burst into tears.
After crying for a while, Chen Guangrui stopped to dry his beloved wife’s tears, and smiled and told Hua Manjiao that saving his own Tang Sanzang was their son. Hearing this, Hua Manjiao became more and more happy, and now she took Chen Guangrui to see her son.
Chen Guangrui came to Piandian with a beautiful flower and saw Tang Sanzang waiting there.
When Tang Sanzang saw Chen Guangrui coming with a middle-aged belle, he knew that this was his mother. At present, he paid a big visit to her: "The unfilial son Xuanzang has met his mother!"
As soon as Hua Manjiao saw Tang Sanzang, she had a cordial feeling. She helped Tang Sanzang up in the moment and said excitedly, "Get up, son, and let your mother have a good look at you. Your mother is sorry!"
The Monkey King looked at Tang Sanzang’s family reunion. I don’t know why, but I suddenly remembered someone, and I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. However, although he felt sorry for himself, he was really happy for the Tang Sanzang family to be reunited.

Chapter 50 Lu Yu and Hong Haier
That night Tang Sanzang’s family of three got together, and everyone was very happy. Wait until the next day, Chen Guangrui issued a notice telling the people of Wuji what the monster had done, and voluntarily abdicated the throne.
When the citizens of Wuji knew about this incident, they all hated the behavior of the crocodile essence. Now they jointly requested the court to request that the crocodile essence be put to death.
The new king of Wuji, the son of the former king, hated the crocodile essence, so he ordered the crocodile essence and his son to be put to death.
Tang Sanzang, on the other hand, is with his parents every day, in order to get back what he lost before. In this way, Tang Sanzang and his party stayed in Wuji country for more than a month.
On this day, Tang Sanzang felt that it was time for him to continue to learn from the scriptures, so he told his parents that he would continue to go west. It was not long before Hua Manjiao reunited with her husband and son. When she heard that her son was leaving now, tears flowed down. Finally, Chen Guangrui understood the important principle and realized that what Tang Sanzang had done was of great significance, and only then did he persuade his wife to stop her grief.
At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Chen Guangrui also decided to return to Datang. After all, that’s their real hometown!
So, on a sunny morning, Tang Sanzang said goodbye to his parents and continued to go west with a few disciples. Chen Guangrui and his wife went back to Datang to the east.
Tang Sanzang mentoring several people on the narrow road, quickly ran to Lingshan. At the beginning of autumn and winter in a blink of an eye, several people in Tang Sanzang passed through the mountain on this day, only to see that the mountain was full of plum blossoms, with a beautiful picture scroll at the end. While Tang Sanzang was sitting on Bai Longma to watch the scenery of mountain plum blossoms, a very tender voice came.
"Help! Help! "
Today’s Tang Sanzang is no longer the novice monk who just started to learn Buddhist scriptures before. When he heard this voice, he couldn’t help shivering on the Bai Longma. He thought to himself, will there be children crying for help in this barren hills? Unless it is a monster!
As Tang Sanzang hesitated, the voice seemed to feel it, with a louder cry. Finally, Tang Sanzang could not bear the condemnation of his own conscience, but decided to let his apprentice go and have a look.