Clouds of thunder and fire burst around, one by one, and someone actually arranged the law to try to trap him here. If it weren’t for the magic weapon in ancient times, he would have been blown to powder by a series of attacks.
"I gave you the magic weapon, so don’t pester me again." Seeing that he couldn’t resist it, the Luo family trainer pulled out a flying sword from his arms and threw it out.
That flying sword radiates clear sword light, and it looks like the first-class goods at first sight. Some besieged practitioners turned and lost him, and one by one they jumped at the flying sword with envy.

Chapter one hundred and eighteen The wind is blowing everywhere and it’s confusing.
Chapter one hundred and eighteen The wind is blowing everywhere and it’s confusing.
Wang Guang watched anxiously and roared loudly: "That boy threw out the most rubbish one, and he had more good stuff on him. (Niu Wen’s novels ~ reading novels online) "While speaking, it is even more fuelling mana. Gold pieces of Yin Lei rained down on Luo Jia’s practitioners, only hating that the power of Yin Lei was too small to kill each other immediately.
"It’s a pity that the Yin Lei refined with the help of the yin fire of the earth’s lungs lacks materials, otherwise when you refine it, you will be able to blast the tortoise shell with a thunder." Seeing that the evil monk could not attack for a long time, he was impatient and complained in a low voice.
"Don’t worry, there are only three or five materials missing now. When you have collected enough materials and refined them, you can fuck whoever you want. How can it be like this?" Wang Guang snorted. In fact, his mind was not on the magic weapon of Yin Lei, but on the practice of handling. Otherwise, after three to five years, he will collect enough materials more or less, enough for him to refine powerful thunder fire.
"Is your practice about to break through the sixth floor?" On one side, the evil monk lost a thunderbolt, and whispered, "When we kill this boy this time, let’s go back to Zongmen and speed up the handling of the Dharma with the help of the thousands of treasures in the secret room, so as to achieve the elixir as soon as possible."
"Infinite Buddha now just hopes to solve him smoothly, otherwise no matter how good the plan is, it is just a fantasy." Wang Guang saw that the treasure light on the Luo family’s trainer was shaking badly, and told the evil monk to step up his attack, while taking out sandalwood and worshiping the long banners. The long streamer turned, spewing out puffs of powder smoke to condense into a red light, which twisted on the streamer, but for Wang Guang’s control, it would have flown out long ago.
There are more and more people besieging the Luo family’s practitioners. Just when Wang Guang thought that the other party died here this time, he saw the distance between the earth shaking, sand columns rising into the sky, hundreds of millions of yellow sand overwhelming, and the wind was born out of thin air. The wind rolled the yellow sand into a tornado, and hundreds of tornadoes wandered in the air. Even the practitioners who were about to condense into then could not escape.
There happened to be a tornado rolling towards Wang Guang and them. How could a group of practitioners manage to surround and kill Luo Family practitioners? A head also don’t back to run, only hate parents have less legs, only hate myself every time I learn what escape.
"Go" Wang Guang saw something bad, so he didn’t dare to stay here any longer. He threw out the red light on the long banner, then dragged the evil monk and ran away.
"Hey, you two idiots, don’t run away, stay and fight with the young master for 300 rounds." Laurence family practitioners saw Wang Guang and their escape, and immediately shouted through the ceiling.
"Zamao, you go first, and the poor monk will kill your boy." After listening to each other’s shouting, the evil monk was angry and turned to continue fighting with each other. Wang Guang dragged him away now.
"Bald donkey don’t impulse, you to help being original to kill people, being original there can let you lost your life in vain? Just now, three more practitioners were involved and have not come out yet. What’s more, … "
This fellow’s words haven’t finished, I saw a sand column foaming at the mouth in front, and they didn’t care. They planned to fly over, never thinking about separating the sand column from the left and right, and a worm with the size of dozens of feet showed its shape from the inside. As soon as the worm came out, he opened his mouth and spit out yellow smoke. Some practitioners who couldn’t dodge were entangled in yellow smoke, and in the blink of an eye, a treasure was ruined.
"These worms why so much? Being original can’t kill that turtle shell, and you can’t kill a beast? " Wang Guang was angry, with a pinch of hands, and two blue big hands flew out of the air, which caught the worm and tore it. The worm that only hurts hisses, but unfortunately it can’t escape Wang Guang’s means. The next breath, more than ten zhangs long worm was diabolical to tear in half, endless yellow liquid fell out from the body, immediately generate countless yellow smoke.
This yellow smoke was blown by the strong wind again, and it was everywhere. At that time, more practitioners were polluted by yellow smoke and fell down one by one.
Wang Guang had just killed the worm, and the tornado reached the position of Luo Jia’s trainer, and he was swept in in the blink of an eye and disappeared.
Wang Guang and the evil monk did not care to see if the Luo family’s spiritual practitioner had lost his life. They just fled to the outside with their memories. There are more and more tornadoes, and some yellow sand hits the protective Daoism, and only the mask is shaken, as if thousands of yin thunder were blown on it.
Endless sand columns and tornadoes raged for more than an hour before it subsided. Wang Guang and the evil monk looked around separately from Bao Guang and protective Daoism, only to see that the whole world was desolate and endless grievances wandered in the desert, but they were generated after the death of the practitioners who were killed by yellow sand.
"It’s really amazing that the ancient magic weapon of the boundless Buddha was born." Looking around, Wang Guang couldn’t help but be jealous of the ancient magic weapon after seeing that there were less than a thousand practitioners in the sky: "It’s just that it was born with such power. If it is really put into use, I don’t know how powerful it will be."
"Don’t think about it. Even if the ancient magic weapon falls into our hands now, we have no ability to keep it." The evil monk gave Wang Guang a contemptuous look. Although he was greedy for magic weapons, he was much more sober than Wang Guang now. "Look there, dozens of Dan teachers are using their means to detect other practitioners. I’m afraid it’s the magic weapon to search for ancient times." After that, he stretched out his hand and pointed out in the distance.
Following the evil monk’s advice, Wang Guang saw that the Dan teachers who exuded the breath of the earth were using their own means to detect all the remaining practitioners. No practitioners dared to resist, even those who were about to condense then were honestly looking at them.
An Dan teacher released a green fire and walked around Wang Guang and them, then waved their hands to signal them to leave. Wang Guangben wanted to stay and display the endless grievances and the souls of a large number of practitioners, but he was stopped by an evil monk.
"If you stay here again, some of these Dan teachers will definitely use their means to kill you." The evil monk lowered his voice and said.
"Not necessarily being original is just collecting things that nobody wants, and it’s not looking for a magic weapon in ancient times. Where will they deal with me? It’s that you are oversensitive. " Wang Guang didn’t believe in the evil monk’s persuasion, so he wanted to shake and collect the grievances between heaven and earth and the souls who had not left.
"You two leave quickly, and you can’t take away everything in this quicksand area, even these grievances." Just as Wang Guang was shaking his long banner and trying to absorb his grievances, a black Taoist appeared in front of him out of thin air to stop him.
A violent momentum pressed on Wang Guang, who only felt as if he was trapped in an endless ocean and was suffering from a huge blow. Fortunately, this feeling disappeared instantly, which didn’t make him lose face.
"Maitreya, I’ll leave here." Seeing that Wang Guangxin was unwilling, the evil monk hurriedly pulled him to fly away. As for the black Dan teacher, he didn’t take what happened just now to heart. For him, it’s not the same thing to drive away two low-ranking practitioners. If other Dan teachers were not here, he would have slapped Wang Guang to death.
"The momentum of this Dan division is much stronger than that of those Dan divisions in Zongmen." Wang Guang took a deep breath and said with a heavy voice. "Don’t think about these annoying things. Go to Taoist Nong Yu. She is murderous to being original. There must be something to hide from us."
"Hey, hey, if I were the Taoist in Nong Yu, I would never appear in front of you. The poor monk estimated that she had absolutely concealed something when she gave us advice on how to calculate, otherwise it would be impossible to learn with your qualifications and mine." The evil monk was in a bad mood by a series of experiences just now, and opening his mouth was a burst of nonsense.
Wang Guangbai glanced at the evil monk and was too lazy to pay attention to him. Just stuffy head thinking about why Taoist Nong Yu released murderous look to him, and whether the Laurence family practitioners died in a tornado. "It’s a pity that Dan Shi was expelled. Otherwise, I will have a good search and feel at ease."
Out of the quicksand area, the two of them didn’t know where to go for a while. Finally, the evil monk sink a track: "If we don’t return to Zongmen, then the Luo family boy is dead or alive, and whether he will seek revenge from us in the future, I’m afraid it will be a hundred years later. As for the Taoist Nong Yu, the poor monk can’t find her out, and I guess you haven’t either. Let’s just consider her dead in the quicksand area."
After listening to the evil monk’s words, Wang Guang had to agree. After all, he has no Laurence family soul, and he wants to exert lotus flower soul-chasing technique, but there is no material and he can’t succeed at all. Besides, does he have any other means to search, so he will forget about it.
With the decision, the two men didn’t delay time. After identifying the direction, they rolled up their bodies with Bao Guang and surprised the Qingfeng Mountains.
It is said that the two returned to the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture mountains and chose a secret and remote route along the way, but they were angry with a large number of practitioners who robbed the magic weapon in Jinzhou.
Although the two men chose a remote route, they still met dozens of roadblocks on the road. When they met these people, they didn’t say anything. One was littering and the other was smashing. Those who are lucky can escape the soul, while those who are unlucky are directly absorbed by Wang Guangyong’s long gauze and soul, leaving a situation where there will never be another life.
Words on this day, two people passing by a mountain peak, see this mountain peak is very beautiful, several times stronger than elsewhere reiki let two people can’t help but stop.
"Infinite Buddha, let’s rest here for a while before we go on our way. I think there are wild animals in this mountain. Go and get some blood food to eat. Eating that Dan medicine these days has made us sick." The two men chose a ravine where there happened to be a stream flowing, so they decided to have a rest here.
"Go quickly, go quickly. I’ll go to the river to get some fish to eat, and then I’ll see if there are any spar mines around. There is a strong aura here, and there will be precious elixirs growing here. When you look for wild animals, you should also pay attention to search." The evil monk touched the empty treasure capsule and found that there was not much Dan medicine for supplement, so he reminded Wang Guang to collect medicinal materials to refine Dan medicine supplement.

Chapter one hundred and nineteen Each opera has its own dispute
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Each opera has its own dispute
"Don’t worry" Wang Guang was too lazy to pay attention to the evil monk. He shook his long banner and rolled himself up to catch wild animals to make blood food. (Niu Wen’s novel ~ reading the novel online) Three or five black bears were carried back by him, and the evil monk prepared fresh fish for roasting. Just as they were eating hard, more than a dozen practitioners flew from a distance.
See smoke rising below, hovering in the air a little, and then fell down.
"Two Taoist friends, we are a master of Qingfeng Mountain. We passed by here today, hungry and thirsty. We want to have a rest here. I wonder if it will disturb you." A middle-aged practitioner saw that Wang Guang and his wife were eating delicious food. He secretly licked his lower lip and asked in a heavy voice. They have been hunting for the demon road for several years, and they have gone through countless hardships along the way. If there were no orders from Zongmen, they would have gone back long ago. Where is it necessary to suffer outside?
"Infinite Buddha turned out to be a master, and we are in Jinzhou for a retreat. I have nothing to do these days, so I want to take a walk in Qingfeng Mountain to see if I can meet the chance. I never thought I could meet you here. If Taoist friends have nothing to do, can you help me wait and point out a good place there?" After listening to these practitioners, Wang Guang suddenly remembered the two practitioners he killed in those years, so he had a dispute in his heart, and then he made a sound test.
The middle-aged man shook his head and said with a smile, "Don’t be weird, Taoist friends. We have just come out of Qingfeng Mountain and can’t return to Zongmen for a short time, so we can’t help you." While speaking, he directed other practitioners to collect some food for baking.
"But I advise you, if you really reach the Qingfeng Mountains, you must pay attention to the people of the two clans." The middle-aged gas practitioner said here, his face a little dim: "The first one is Qi Sect, and the second one is Bones Sect."
"It has been tens of thousands of years since the establishment of the sub-clan in the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture mountains. There are countless Dan divisions in the Zongmen, and there are even rumors that there are masters of the Yuan God sitting there. These disciples of the Aizong Sect are murderous by nature, and they are all cruel and unusual. If you meet them, don’t offend them, lest you lose your life. "
"As for the Bones Sect, although it is not as evil and cruel as the Yizong Sect, its means are also vicious and abnormal, and they practice magical powers among the clans. When they meet, they should not fight for a long time, lest they fall into the disadvantage."
Wang Guang and the evil monk pretended to be curious and nodded frequently. "Taoist friends are really good people. It is really admirable to be so enthusiastic about people who have never met before. "
"Haha, Taoist friends praised it." At this point, the middle-aged gas practitioner suddenly changed his words and said, "I don’t know if you have ever heard of such a gas practitioner in Jinzhou. The gas practitioner is good at using the magic weapon made of red copper sand, and has a long pole that is evil and abnormal, and likes to kill people to seize the soul."
"I’ve never heard that Jinzhou is tens of thousands of Wan Li, and we’re just doing casual repairs. I’ve never heard of such a cruel man. Are you looking for him for something?" One side of the evil monk listened to the funny in his heart, and hurriedly lost his blood and asked seriously.
"But so, the Taoist priest killed my Zongmen disciple, and we wanted to get revenge on him. At first, I followed the demon road closely. I never thought that some accidents happened the other day and I lost him. " Middle-aged practitioners a face of grief, "I wonder if the two have ever mastered the art of calculation? We are willing to pay enough to ask you to help us calculate the location of the demon road. "
"Never proficient, never proficient" aside, Wang Guang waved his hand again and again to show that he didn’t know. "If friends are impatient, you can go to Jinzhou to find someone to help in the bustling city. I can’t find the direction to run around. "