To tell the truth, after learning that Lin Yifeng was in the position of repeated cases, he was just like the mood after dealing with Huaixiao, and he was really nervous.
Especially this time at sea, if the monks of Sancaizong knew that Lin Yifeng had come out, it would be even more difficult to hide it. After all, when they went to sea together, Yang Xiu didn’t hide anything. Therefore, it is not difficult to find out his identity with the influence of Sancaizong, which is not good.
But since no one knows, don’t worry now, it’s over.
"Well, you can practice in your room." Yang Xiu lifted the ban on Zhuang Shangnong and said, "But remember, you can’t leave this room. There are so many prohibitions outside, I don’t want any accidents, okay? "
Director Zhuang Shangnong arrived, although he was very curious about what this place was, but he didn’t ask much. Respectfully: "Yes"
Yang Xiu did this mainly because he didn’t want the other party to know the secret of Gankun’s hand.
Although it may not last long, and the other party will certainly have doubts, he still doesn’t want the other party to know too much.
After all, for Zhuang Shangnong’s nature of have it both ways, he has personal experience.
Moreover, after returning to Nei6 in the future, he doesn’t intend to leave the other side, and he has some things to tell him to do.
Therefore, let the other party be suspicious all the time. I think he can’t think of it at first. There should be such a fate as Gankun’s hand in the world.
After sorting out Lin Yifeng’s affairs, he began to sort out the relics of other monks.
But after seeing Lin Yifeng’s storage space. Compared with the contents of the other people’s storage bags, it is a world of difference.
There are only a few sets of magic weapons in these monks’ storage bags, which make him value it a little. Most of the rest can be ignored.
Most of the monk’s storage bags occupy the most, or the materials of those monster beasts collected in the sea on this trip. However, there are many Yang Xiu, so it is not very.
And the lingshi of the storage bag is not ten thousand pieces in total, which is far from Lin Yifeng. It’s not as big as usual.
It’s just that mosquitoes are meat, too. Talk is better than nothing. So he still patiently sorted them out one by one.
After cleaning up all this, next, he wholeheartedly cooperated with Jiman to start refining the transfer matrix.
In fact, he is just a boy to help refine the materials, and the main exercise is carried out by Jiman himself.
In his spare time, he also looked through the boxes of classics in Lin Yifeng’s storage ring.
Although you don’t have to practice anything, it’s good to open your eyes.
Moreover, there are many secret classics of Sancaizong, even ordinary monks in Sancaizong may not be able to see them.
Of course, as Lin Yifeng. Of course, there will be no restrictions.
I don’t know why Lin Yifeng copied them all, but it was cheaper for him, so of course we should cherish this opportunity.
Not to mention, he really showed several good secrets from it.
There is a secret method called "Wild Craftsmanship". After practicing, once it is put into use, it can stimulate the monk’s potential and make his cultivation soar to a higher level within an hour.
For example, Yang Xiu is now in the middle stage of Jiedan. After exercising the "Wild Nature Skill", the cultivation will be promoted to the late stage of Dan-making within the next two hours.
Other accomplishments are also similar, which is extremely powerful.
But the price to pay for this operation. It is also frightening. It will make the monk’s cultivation drop to a higher level after the potential excitation is completed! Ask. How many people can afford this price?
Therefore, although the "Wild Nature Skill" is powerful, few people dare to use it easily. Generally, when it comes to life and death, it will be put into use.
But it is used to save lives, but it is very good, so Yang Xiu is going to practice this technique and take precautions. After all, it is more important to die than to fix it.
"Just don’t know why Lin Yifeng didn’t practice? Otherwise, he may still be in this world. " Put down this doubt. Yang Xiu looked at another jade slip.
The contents recorded in this jade slip are somewhat complicated, but most of them are very practical.
For example, there is a secret method called "acupuncture and forbidding words", which can prevent others from trying to use supernatural powers such as "inducing the soul". To get the monk’s memory, and at the beginning in Maggie to prevent others from knowing the secret of the "dome beam", and the effect of the kind of hermetic display.
In fact, Yang Xiu had planned to teach Jiman the Five Elements of God. After all, Jiman’s loyalty is beyond doubt.
And because of her special constitution, Yang Xiu also thought that she had some magical powers to guard against the monks who had discovered the secret and had been in the north.
However, it is because "Five Elements of God Escape" is Yang Xiu’s life-saving means, and Jiman’s cultivation is not high. So he was afraid that after teaching her, other monks would get it. So I never taught her those magical powers.
But now it’s different. With the "acupuncture and gagging", you don’t have to worry about these problems. Therefore, Yang Xiu also planned to take the time to give Jiman the opportunity to perform this operation, so he taught her the Five Elements of God, the technique of hiding and jumping, and the technique of wild excelsior that he had just learned.
Because Ziman’s attribute is mainly fire attribute. The attributes of wood and water are complementary, although some are complicated. But it is also a fire-making trend, and it is also possible to practice fire-escaping, wood-escaping and water-escaping, which is one more than that in Yang Xiu.
As for the others, Yang Xiu is still not going to teach. After all, the "acupuncture and forbidding words" only prevents others from forcibly taking memories, and cannot prevent them from speaking out on their own initiative.
Like Bai Zhi and Zhuang Shangnong, they are people with some ideas. For these two people, Yang Xiu certainly doesn’t trust to teach them his own housekeeping skills. If they have infidelity, write the achievement method yourself. Then he’s not just crying!
And as their master, you still have to have certain means, otherwise you will make them feel that you are weak and easy to give birth to a second heart.
As for the continuation, she is still at a low level. And Yang Xiu won’t let her do anything dangerous. Therefore, there is no hurry to teach her, or wait for her to be promoted to the Dan period in the future.
There is also a kind of occultism in jade slips, which is a spell about how to forcibly separate the related gods.
Yang Xiuzhen is worried that it will be difficult to control after the ghost becomes high in the future, and now with this kind of occultism. You can separate it from the ghost king and plant a ban alone.
In this way, I am finally relieved that I have been worried about this stone in my heart.
Also, during this period of time, his cultivation progress is a little too fast, and he feels a little "pulling out seedlings to encourage".
Because with the help of Yin Lingjing, it takes only a few years from the initial stage of well completion to the middle stage of Dan completion. If you tell other monks about this, you will be shocked.