Ruifeng said urgently, "Master Qing Lin, as long as you can help me take my magic weapon out of the crevices in the mountains, I can promise you one request. Even if I go through fire and water, I won’t frown."
Qing Lin thought for a moment and said, "Brother Ruifeng, I don’t know something. Since that magic weapon is yours, even if it falls into a crack in the mountain, it is not difficult for you to take it out. Why are you stuck here for so long, but you can’t do anything about it? "
Ruifeng hesitated, and finally decided to tell the truth, "to tell the truth, the magic weapon is mine, that’s right, but I didn’t sacrifice it and connect it with my mind." Alas, if I had known what would happen today, I would have tempered the magic weapon sacrifice anyway. "
"I see." Qing Lin nodded, but he didn’t ask further questions. Knowing more about some things will only bring endless troubles.
Ruifeng asked hopefully, "Master Qinglin, how sure are you to help me take that magic weapon out from under the mountain seam?"
Qing Lin hesitated for a moment. "If the magic weapon is not damaged, it is at least 70% or 80% sure."
Ruifeng was overjoyed. He grabbed Qinglin’s hand. "Master, you must help me."
Qing Lin smiled and pulled out his hand. "If I can help, I will help. Because this is not only helping you, but also helping me. Brother Ruifeng, you just said that if I can help you get the magic weapon out, you will promise me a request. "
Ruifeng’s chest stood out. "I, Ruifeng, will never go back on my word."
Qing Lin is also very happy. If he can take out the magic weapon, it will solve two problems at the same time, and he can get a reward of 5,200 silver. At the same time, he can invite Ruifeng to Qingliangshan to help him guard together. This is simply a good thing to kill three birds with one stone.

Chapter seventy-five A formidable enemy
Chapter seventy-five A formidable enemy 【 for collection, recommended votes 】
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How to get things out of the cracks in the mountains, Ruifeng is not good at it, nor is Qinglin, but Qinglin has plenty of ways. In fact, if Ruifeng had less scruples and dug up the mountain, he could have taken out the magic weapon, but if he did, one would take too long, and the other would be in danger of damage to the magic weapon. Ruifeng is just a loose repair, and there is no powerful magic weapon to fly the sword. It can only be said that it is barely eye-catching. It is not a small project to dig a mountain through hundreds of meters. And digging the mountain, no one can guarantee that there will be no accidents. If a loose stone falls down the mountain seam and hits the magic weapon at once, he will be finished.
Of course, Qing Lin won’t choose the stupid way to dig a mountain. His reliance is his foundation-Lingdou. To be more precise, it is a mouse conjured up by two beans. Rats drill mountains, but they are experts, and seeing things in the dark is also a piece of cake for them. Send two spirit bean rats down, and you can get the magic weapon that fell in the crevice of the mountain with a lot of confidence.
Qing Lin reached into his arms and pretended to pay twice. When his hand reached out, two fluffy mice appeared in his hands. These two mice were black and gray, with a long body and a longer tail, several of which were more than a foot long.
People have an instinctive aversion to mice. When Ruifeng saw these two mice, he first frowned and immediately exclaimed in a low voice, "Hey! Spirit mouse? Or two? "
Between heaven and earth, there are not only people who are dedicated to the cultivation of heaven, but also spiritual beans, beasts and other creatures. Like the spirit beans, the number of spirit beasts is extremely rare, even much less than the number of spirit beans. At the first sight of Heidou and Ruifeng, Tofu Jiang mistook Heidou for a spirit beast. The reason why he found Qinglin and insisted on passing on the mantle to Qinglin was a very important reason.
Qing Lin didn’t have the heart to tell Ruifeng that the mouse in his hand was a spirit bean mouse, not a spirit mouse. Because of the existence of Tianling bean, naturally, he and Lingdou are connected in mind. He made the spirit bean mouse understand his intention easily, and then put the spirit bean mouse on the ground, and the two spirit bean mice jumped into the gap between the mountains.
After a long time, the mungbean rats did not move. Ruifeng have a little sit still, "master qing Lin, whether your two spirit rats work or not? Otherwise, why don’t you get two more mice to go down and have a look? "
Qing Lin gave Ruifeng an angry white look. "Is the spirit mouse so good?"
In fact, as long as Qing Lin is willing, there won’t be any problem if he sends another twenty or thirty mung bean rats down. But in that case, there is no way for Qing Lin to explain it, and maybe Ruifeng, who is eager to hunt, might do something. Qing Lin didn’t want to take risks. He managed to find such a helper as Ruifeng, and he didn’t want to miss the past because of unexpected reasons.
Ruifeng was scratching his head, sat down for a while, stood up for a while and walked around restlessly. Instead, the green forest was calm. On the one hand, what fell in the cracks was not his. On the other hand, the two spirit bean rats had actually found the treasure, and they were working together to knock out the stuck magic weapon.
The width of the mountain seam is not uniform, and it is wide and narrow. Ruifeng’s bowl-shaped magic weapon did not fall into the deepest part, but was caught in the air and stuck firmly. It took two Lingdou rats a long time to drag the magic weapon out. To this end, the two spirit bean rats paid a great price, and the reiki condensed on them was almost consumed. They were in danger of changing back to spirit beans at any time. If so, the magic weapon would fall back into the crevice again. At that time, it is only God knows whether the magic weapon will be lucky without defects.
Qing Lin hurriedly let two spirit bean rats drag a magic weapon to climb outside the mountain seam. After many twists and turns in the middle, they finally grabbed the moment before the Lingdou rats changed back into Lingdou, and they safely dragged their magic weapons out of the cracks in the mountain.
Qing Lin hurriedly grasped the two spirit bean rats in his hand, supplementing the aura of consumption for them. Lingdou mice quietly lie on the palm of the green forest, enjoying the warmth of the palm of the green forest.
Ruifeng held a small bowl with a faint blue light, and laughed. He couldn’t help but feel happy. He even kissed it twice despite the fact that the small bowl had been dragged by mice. "God bless me, Ruifeng."
There is no danger that the mouse will turn back into a bean in front of outsiders. Qing Lin is relieved. He looks at Ruifeng, who is almost jumping with joy, and says, "Brother Ruifeng, Qing Lin has lived up to his mission and taken out your magic weapon for you."
Ruifeng busy way: "master qing Lin rest assured, promise your conditions, I won’t forget. From then on, I will never take my anger out on the secular people in Shanbei Village. In addition, I will keep in mind my promise to do one thing for you. I have to hurry to the Gunshen Gate to celebrate the birthday of their door owner. After the birthday party, I will definitely go to Qingliang Mountain to find the master of Qinglin. "
People who practice are usually more conscientious, and Qing Lin can only choose to trust Ruifeng. He can’t just release all the beans for such a trivial matter, subdue Ruifeng, and then force him to swear by demons.
"Gun god door main life? Brother Ruifeng, where did you get this news? " Qing Lin’s attention was attracted by a message that Ruifeng inadvertently revealed.
Gun God Gate is the second largest sect in Tianfeng country. The founder of Gun God Gate is said to be a general in the army. Before fixing the truth, he took the lead on the battlefield and made numerous contributions with a silver gun in his hand. The emperor gave him the title of "Gun God". Later, he inadvertently got a book on the method of fixing the truth, and it was out of control. I not only made great achievements, but also created the door of the gun god, which was widely accepted by his disciples.
Gun God Gate has produced several amazing and brilliant door owners, making it colorful, and in a very short time, it has risen to become a major sect in Tianfeng country. Especially in recent years, Gun God Gate has become a major sect in Tianfeng country, second only to the shocking sect. There are countless infighting between the two sects. The shocking sect wants to keep what it has now and is unwilling to lose it, while the gun God Gate intends to replace it with the shocking sect. The two sects can be said to be rivals. In private, the disciples belonging to the two sects don’t know how many times they fought. Antique once had several fierce conflicts with the disciples of the Gun God Gate. As a result, the outcome was fifty-fifty, and nothing was cheap.

Chapter seventy-six Money in hand
Chapter seventy-six Silver 【 Collection and recommended votes 】
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The history of Jingtian Sect as the largest Sect in Tianfeng country and the Sect of protecting the country can be traced back to nearly a thousand years ago. People are always lazy, especially if they stay in one position for a long time, which will encourage the formation of this inertia. For a long time in history, the Jingfengpai did not fulfill their duties, and they were arrogant and looked down on the world. Although the later owners changed their style in time, the bad impression was not so easy to eliminate, especially some evil spirits could not be stopped, which led to a lot of opinions about the Jingfengpai.